Kanbhat’ that turns life upside down to start streaming on ‘Planet Marathi OTT’

Kanbhat’ that turns life upside down to start streaming on ‘Planet Marathi OTT’

Planet Marathi OTT’s specialty is to provide a wealth of entertainment to the audience by dealing with new topics. Planet Marathi is ready to entertain the audience with such a different topic. The name of this film is ‘Kanbhat’ and recently the trailer of this film has been released on social media. Rush Productions Pvt. Ltd. The film is produced and directed by Aparna S Hoshing. While the story and screenplay is by Aparna S Hoshing and Vivek Borhade. ‘Kaanbhat’ stars Bhavya Shinde, Rigved Mule, Sanjeev Tandel, Vipin Borate, Manisha Joshi, Anil Chhatre and Vijay Vitthal Veer in lead roles and will see the journey of a young boy to become a Bhat.

In the beginning of the trailer of the movie ‘Kanbhat’, a small boy’s face is shown and he is being sent to a Veda Vidyalaya. But being sent here against his will shows the effect on his child’s mind. How Kanbhat Guruji comes into this boy’s life changes his life, his journey begins on a different path. Now we will see in ‘Kanbhat’ which way this journey takes him. This movie will be released on Planet Marathi OTT on May 19 and the audience will be able to watch this movie by paying only a certain amount without paying a subscription.

Akshay Bardapurkar, founder and head of Planet Marathi says, “This film is a must-watch for kids with their parents. This film is a glimpse into the ancient education methods, customs, traditions, culture. How important these things are in our lives. ‘Kanbhat’ This is a very beautiful and simple story and it is a life-changing film.


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