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Divya Dutta digital covergirl “Perfect Woman” Magazine “I Am Enjoying This Journey Of Being A Writer” says Divya Dutta

“I Am Enjoying This Journey Of Being A Writer” – Divya Dutta

Recipient of multiple prestigious awards for acting that recognise her contribution in the Industry we have Divya Dutta a versatile personality from acting, director, writer and today brilliant author, her stupendous performance in Dhaakad fascinated her fans as always. Here with Perfect Woman she shares her journey so far with her Go Getter attitude…

  • PW, Dr Geet S Thakkar
  • Before this journey began, had you ever thought that Divya Dutta would become ‘The Divya Dutta’?
  • Well yes, I am known as an actor, a writer and an achiever, but still I think there are miles to go, there is always a child like exuberance within me to keep doing new things, to keep doing new roles, to keep being directed by some brilliant directors, to keep rediscovering myself so I think life does surprise you which feel wow this is so lovely so like this year had three realises which was MAA where I played a role from 30 to 65. I think it’s great for any actor to play that kind of range and I have Dhaakad which had negative role and I can’t tell you till now I am receiving calls for that role I played – Rohini & Sheerquorma which is an LGBTQ film and all three are different and I am loving so there’s a lot that I still need to do and believe the journey just got in very interesting.
  • Your experience till now
  • Well my experiences in the industry have been put in a book that I wrote which is called the stars in my sky, it is like a more of gratitude to all the people who made my journey awfully beautiful. I think when you are in a profession you truly love and you really want to be there then everything about it you accept and absorb and take it your side and move ahead. And it’s not like that I have not faced rejections or haven’t seen problems but they seemed little because my passion was very big to do something in the industry to be an actor, to be seen on the big screen and yes I think life is any which ways made of Khatta Meetha experiences and the industry is full of some really nice people.
  • How has been the journey so far? What more you’re looking in life.
  • It’s so amazing that all the creative people come together to make movies and I have met my own clan and my own kind of people and I think my journey has been very unconventional, I started of with multi starrers  romancing hero’s in chiffon sarees which I always wanted to do but then I also wanted to do some significant roles and I think that was my mother’s advice that if you want to be  known as an actor then you accept the roles that are different and do them so well that nobody can, Do something so nicely that people can’t ignore that and they write roles for you and today I think its happening what I started that time I think all the actress are doing it now so it’s been a journey of gratitude, the roles are written for me now I’m doing for very diverse roles and its been nice to be called the star actors, to be called somebody who can do any kind of roles and whose name matters I think its beautiful to look back with gratitude that’s as been my journey, I made my own mistakes I got up  but I fell down again I got up and I love the part and its beautiful when everyone wants to follow the same pattern.
  • What do you like the most about being an actor??           
  • What do I like most as an actor is something I used to be scared of unpredictability of it,  Lots of things actually the stardom of it, the fact that people love you I think it’s a great thing to be admired to be loved, to be recognised, to be force to be recon with ,where people listen to you, they hear  what you have to say, they go and watch you’re movie because they  want to  see what role you  have done now, the excitement of your roles and I like this life, I like this living with deadline, running from one shoot to other or one event to other then having these little patches where you resting it’s a crazy ride and I loved this rollercoaster ride that I have put myself in lots of excitement and the best part it’s make you feel like a child always because you’re always so motivated and so driven.
  • When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? What inspired you to start writing?
  •  I think I have been writing  since I was a kid school magazine, then college magazine every one used to say wo ladki se story zarur likhwalena she writes well and when I become an actor to writing my own Columns which were about people and moments that touched the cord with the readers & then I think my biggest fear of losing my mom came true and I thought I must  celebrate this mother who was such a best friend who unconditionally and stood by me to fulfil my dreams and I want to tell everyone , how parents can be your best friend & I want to write about her ,I want to celebrate her and hence came my first book Me and Maa,  thankfully nobody really thought I was one book wonder they asked me what’s next ,I wrote about movies which  was  my second passion of course after my love for my mother and my second book,  “The stars in my sky” and I got the best author award. I like it and I am enjoying this journey of being a writer.
  • How do you look at your film journey?
  • My forth coming film’s are Ssharmaji Ki Beti directed by Tahira Kashyap ,Nazar Andaaz which is a T-Series film, Umesh Shukla’s Aankh Micholi, Debarked Banerjee’ Tees and Anubhav Sinha’s Abhi to party shuru hui hai, a show with Amazon, an anthology with RSVP and two English projects.
  • What was your thought just before the day your book was about to hit the markets?
  • My thought just before my book hits the market was just like it is, when you know, a film is about to release. You have given it your best shot , you have  worked straight from your heart whatever words ‘I wrote’ came straight from me and I think when you’re as sincere and genuine as straight from the heart, the rest you leave at your readers and your audience and that’s exactly  what happened and I think I got actual love for my first book, I never forget how people have come and hug me for my first book and thank you for reintroducing us to our parents because sometimes we take them for granted.  So I think my mom make a zariya or source for me  spread the love that she had given me and I’m so glad I could different ways.
  • Your Inspiration?
  • What’s my inspiration, Hmmm I think I have said the name so many time,  it’s my mother and all those actors that I have so love to  Mr. Bachchan , Shabana Ji , be it all the directors I have worked with- they,  their lives and their works have been my inspiration.
  • What is the story behind the successful Divya Dutta?
  • Well behind the successful Divya Dutta is a child like women who wanted to be the Divya dutta and she is extremely elated to be what she wanted to be. Behind the successful Divya dutta is her mother who always stood by her. I think you really need that parents who believe in you and henceforth that believe kind of rubs on to you don’t really want let the parent down and I think this really feel nice and behind the successful Divya Dutta is again my crazy passion for my movie’s and what I do and that keeps me going, keeps me experimenting and keeps me driven always.
  • I just love where I am and just that makes me ‘Me’.
  • Where will we see Divya Dutta next?
  • Where you will see me next is the movies I already spoke about but apart from that you would see me expanding my horizons in things I love doing and that even I don’t know but of course I will write.
  • Define Perfect Woman
  • Perfect Woman for me is somebody who is intrinsically happy being who she is Perfect women for me is somebody who is intrinsically happy being who she is
  • Your Message for Perfect Woman Viewers
  • Everyone is perfect in a unique way try to find your perfection and work for your goals.
  • Quick Ones
  • Fav Cuisine
  • Pan Asian
  • Divya’s Favourite Me Time Space
  • My Library
  • Fav Outfit
  • Saree for outing and Pajama for home
  • Fav Destination
  • London and In India there are many but if I have name 1 then for now Kerala
  • One thing That you can’t resist with
  • Delicious Food
  • Lastly your tip for your fans:
  • Do what makes you happy
  • Credits
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On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, celebrities share Gandhiji’s learnings and the ways to follow these today!

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, celebrities share Gandhiji’s learnings and the ways to follow these today!

 Jyothi Venkatesh

Arun Mandola

I heard a story about Mahatma Gandhi that one day he was near a river and he asked Jawaharlal Nehru ji to give water so that he could wash his hand. Nehru ji said there is a river, you can wash there but Gandhi ji said, if everyone will think there is lots of water, they will waste water then that’s not a right thing so my biggest lesson is never waste water. I tried Gandhi giri but these days it’s difficult to handle Gandhi giri. I follow Bhagat Singh.

Rohit Choudhary

Gandhi Ji was a great man and that’s why everyone calls him Bapu. The biggest learning from him is the patience he had. Along with the patience he had dedication as well. To make India free, he never lost his patience and was always behind to achieve freedom. I learned that, to do work you have to give your 100% and you will definitely get the result, though not immediately. Talking about Gandhigiri, once when I was driving, one of the guys hit my car from behind, I didn’t create a scene, rather told him that if he was able to pay then he can or else not an issue I will repair my car myself. Everything is about patience. If you are at fault then just pay for the damage and the matter is solved. The other thing that I learned from Bapu is consistency. Keep doing the work unless and until you do not achieve it. And even I tell my friends and family that they should follow it

Hiten Paintal

The most important lesson I have learnt is that it’s not important to be human but, you should be human and take into consideration other people’s feelings before saying or doing something that could hurt them. Why people react is because they are in a different situation and it’s for others to understand that and that’s being humane. Also, I’m a huge animal lover so being compassionate towards animals is something that I have always practised.

Charrul Malik

I always follow Gandhi Ji’ s saying that is bura Na dekho, bura Na bolo and bura Na Suno. Gandhi Ji always taught us that we should keep moving forward with simple thinking and never hurt anyone. I have implemented his lessons very seriously in my life. His life journey was exemplary. Now the time has changed and there is cut throat competition but still we should keep being ourselves and never do bad to others. His belief was that no religion should have a monopoly on the truth. Mahatma Gandhi certainly encouraged friendship between different religions. He always told the people to do their work on their own without depending on others. I truly believe in the same too. What Gandhi achieved in his life was a miracle. He lived in the hearts of millions of Indians and was respected by all. He laid great emphasis on banishing untouchability, promoting Hindu-Muslim unity, promoting literacy and in the development of a great nation —India. He moved the people with his sincerity and sacrifice. Even after all these years, his principles, dedication and mission continue to inspire me and our  country.

Sumit Kaul

Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most inspirational figures in the world. It’s important that we as a generation are able to see him for the individual that he was and not merely his politics, although we as a country are deeply indebted to him for his contribution. But the true inspiration lies in his personal transformation from a man acting out of ambition to a man acting out of love. His personal journey is something we should all know about and should reflect on from the perspective of our own lives. His life teachings would be relevant always, and to everyone, because that’s what our lives are really about, “Experiments with Truth”.

Vijayendra Kumeria

Mahatma Gandhi was definitely one of the most important personalities who collectively led the freedom fighting struggle. His approach towards non-violence was proof that he was a person with conviction. He did prove that all aggressions need not be violent though it can be very difficult to walk that path. I personally feel that most of the thoughts were right except a few which are debatable. There are a lot of sayings that came from him and are documented… such thoughts can come only from an intellectual, wise man… but unfortunately in today’s world most of the people will rather use them as actions on their social media posts than implying those values in real life. This is the bitter truth of the new age society we are living in

Munisha Khatwani

Mahatma Gandhi’s sayings are very relevant and are very apt for today’s generation. We can learn a lot from him. His life was an example of dedication and self belief. He still is a legend and will always be. Every time you look at the note you see him and he is very much alive and still with us.

Saanand Verma
Truth and non violence is what I have learned from Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings. It is very important for humanity that we should all follow his teachings.

Yogesh Tripathi and Kamna Pathak – the dabbang jodi from &TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan celebrate Navratri in Madhya Pradesh

Yogesh Tripathi and Kamna Pathak – the dabbang jodi from &TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan celebrate Navratri in Madhya Pradesh

Navratri is one of the most revered festivals in India, celebrated with great enthusiasm across several states. In Madhya Pradesh, the festival is celebrated on a grand scale, with devotees observing the nine-day fast, paying respect to the nine different forms of Goddess Durga, and flocking to various local dandiya grounds to play Garba along with their close ones. Joining these celebrations this year in MP were &TV’s popular Jodi from Happu Ki Ultan Paltan – Daroga Happu Singh (Yogesh Tripathi) and his Dabbang Dulhania, Rajesh Singh (Kamna Pathak), who visited Gwalior to celebrate, enjoy the local festive fervour, exploring the historical monument, gorging on finger-licking street food and shopping at city’s famous traditional art and crafts stores, for souvenirs. And this is what the artists had to say about their visit and Navratri celebrations.

Sharing his excitement, Yogesh Tripathi, aka Daroga Happu Singh, said, “Navratri is one of the festivals that I celebrate with my family every year, and we follow the nine-day colours and daily prayer to Goddess Durga religiously. This year, I am celebrating it at home and with Gwaliorites. Gwalior had always intrigued me, and I always wanted to visit the city someday. And it seems my wish has come true. I had a fun-filled evening enjoying the festive spirit, local hotspots, and street food too! When I was invited to celebrate Navratri with the people here, I couldn’t contain my excitement. It is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever seen. The city has a historical vibe, and the people are friendly and welcoming. In my character of Happu, I have a Kanpuria accent. Many people greeted me by calling out ‘Arre Dada’ and I was touched. The Garba dancing with the people dressed in their traditional attire was a lot of fun. In addition to that, we also visited the majestic Jai Vilas Palace, Gwalior  and explored the city. We shop at Patankar Bazaar for local handicrafts, traditional handlooms, and exquisite stone-carved artifacts to take back home with me for my family and friends. I cannot leave any city without satisfying my taste buds, so I did here and treated myself to delicious soul food like sweet imartis and crunchy kachoris. This trip will always be memorable to me”. Adding to this, Kamna Pathak, aka Rajesh Singh, shared, “I thoroughly enjoy the festive vibe, and I celebrate every festival with great enthusiasm. I am an Indorian, so my heart belongs to the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh. Though Navratri is celebrated throughout the country, it has special relevance for the people of Indore. The city celebrates the 9-day Navratri with colours, music, prayer, and yes, with ‘Garba Raas’ too! However, this year, I got this opportunity to celebrate Navratri in Gwalior. I have a lot of relatives in Gwalior and love the city’s rich heritage, culture, and food. I always wanted to visit the city, but somehow it never materialized. Gwalior city is home to several palaces, temples, monuments, and breathtaking views. The city’s overall vibe is so upbeat that I can’t put it into words. Playing Garba with the locals and talking about our show Happu Ki Ultan Paltan made me feel fantastic. Now I understand why this city is referred to as the “musical city”. I also went shopping with my onscreen husband, Daroga Happu Singh (Yogesh Tripathi) and bought Chanderi and Maheshwari sarees for my collection. I own a huge collection of sarees, and my trips are incomplete without buying one from the city I visit. I was surprised to see the variety of bangles, cosmetics, and trinkets. I bought them all to give to my Mumbai friends and a saree for my lovely Katori Amma (Himani Shivpuri). I must say, Gwalior city and its people are so warm and welcoming. I can’t thank them enough for showing us so much love and warmth during our trip.”

Catch Yogesh Tripathi as Daroga Happu Singh and Kamna Pathak as Rajesh Singh in &TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, airing every Monday to Friday!

Rashmika Mandanna can’t contain her excitement after meeting Megastar Amitabh Bachchan

Rashmika Mandanna can’t contain her excitement after meeting Megastar Amitabh Bachchan

Rashmika Mandanna, who is all set for her big Bollywood debut with Goodbye, co-starring Amitabh Bachchan, recently opened up about her experience working with the superstar. In a recent event when Rashmika met legendary Amitabh Bachchan she couldn’t contain her excitement on meeting her reel Papa.

Posting a picture with the Legend of Bollywood, Rashmika wrote,“ I still can’t believe this is happening. Having done a film with sir, getting to talk to him, being able to share the same stage as him, talking about the same topics, getting to take a picture with him, my God!!
He is an absolutely brilliant performer…A gem of a person and always arguing with me as a reel papa(😋😉) .. but my God- how grateful am I. ❤️ I am grateful for having done #Goodbye with @amitabhbachchan sir.
It’s been an absolute honour and this will forever be super special.”

PS – See papa and Tara in 5 days on 7th October at cinemas near you!

The film revolves around the Bhalla family members and depicts the importance of family in a very heartwarming manner.

Produced by Ektaa R Kapoor’s Balaji Motion Pictures in association with Good Co. Directed by Vikas Bahl, GoodBye is all set for worldwide release in cinemas on 7th October 2022






Producers- S. Sashikant, Chakravarti Ramachandra, Vivek Agarwal and Bhushan Kumar

Director- Pushkar-Gayatri

Star Cast- Saif Ali Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Radhika Apte, Satyadeep Mishra, Yogita Bihani , Rohit Shroff and Sharib Hashmi

Genre- Thriller

Platform of Release- Theatres

Rating- ***

Slick and Edgy

Jyothi Venkatesh

Kudos ought to go to directors Pushkar and Gayatri who had earlier also directed the original Tamil version (2017) of the Hindi film which is being released now. The film is slick, racy and what’s more very intriguing too. The writers have come up with the unique title Vikram Vedha based on the ancient folklore of King Vikramadithya and the Betaal (Vampire), the wise and valiant monarch who would capture the latter, only to be told a story at the end of which was a riddle that Vikram had to crack each time. Betaal – a clever fellow himself, well aware of the extent of his captor’s intelligence – agreed not to resist captivity if Vikram did not have the right answer and did not reveal it, Betaal could escape.

The action in the Hindi film is set in Uttar Pradesh where Vedha Betal  (Hrithik Roshan) is a criminal so dreaded by the underworld and the public that the UP police set up a special task force to capture him. The group includes Vikram (Saif Ali Khan) and his dear friend Abbas (Satyadeep Mishra)  In their cat-and-mouse game, in this cop chasing goon flick, Vikram comes face to face with Vedha thrice. But every time, a riddle posed by Vedha forces him to re-evaluate what is right and wrong and each of the answers also helps him solve a case he is working on.

Not only the mind boggling action but also the brilliant background music of the film both are overpowering and elevate the film to greater heights, enhancing the enjoyment of the viewer, who remains glued to his or her seat. What is creditable about the director duo, who are also the writer duo is that both the characters of Vikram and Vedha get equal prominence and not even one is dwarfed.

PS Vinod’s camera work brilliantly captures the rural-urban amalgamation of UP’s capital and marries it with this story almost seamlessly, with Lucknow almost becoming a character in the film.

As far as performances go, I should concede that Saif has put a lot of hard work and his passion towards his craft is visible in his body language, the gait which with he sets out to walk and ultimately perfectly complements the character of Vedha while Hrithik Roshan scores utmost with his author backed role, living to the hit his character with effortless ease bringing to the fore the various elements as well as dynamic dimensions of his character with effortless ease, including his Bihari accent, which reminds you of his avatar in Super 30.

While Radhika Apte who plays the advocate-wife Priya of Saif Ali Khan looks the part and has been endowed with the choicest of incisive dialogues, Sharib Hashmi walks away with various shaded to his brilliantly executed character of Babloo Bhaiya, Satyadeep Mishra also puts in a neat performance in the film.

To sum up, Vikram Vedha is definitely a slick and edgy film which will make you sit glued to your seat.It is the triumph of the writer-director duo Pushkar -Gayatri

BIG FM arrives at the final leg of its BIG Green Ganesha initiative with an eco-friendly element through The BIG Beach Clean-up Drive

BIG FM arrives at the final leg of its BIG Green Ganesha initiative with an eco-friendly element through The BIG Beach Clean-up Drive

BIG FM, one of the leading radio networks in the country, celebrated the festive occasion of Ganeshotsav in an eco-friendly, environmentally conscious and sustainable manner in the form of the BIG Green Ganesha initiative. With RE Sustainability as the presenting sponsor, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board as the associate sponsor and powered by Union Bank of India, the initiative came to an end on 10th September with The BIG Beach Clean-up Drive that was conducted in partnership with Afroz Shah Foundation at Sagar Kutir that falls at the end of Versova Beach.

The radio network in an endeavour to make the beach cleaner and the festival greener, RJ Rani, RJ Abhilash and RJ Vrajesh along with acclaimed singer Nikhita Gandhi were at the forefront of the beach clean-up joined by several other citizens. With a slew of purpose-driven campaigns spearheaded by the network, the BIG Beach clean-up reinforces its credence to bring about a positive change in society. 

QSR Chain Fat Tiger opens its new outlet in City of Pearls’, Hyderabad

QSR Chain Fat Tiger opens its new outlet in City of Pearls’, Hyderabad

QSR Chain Fat Tiger opens its new outlet in City of Pearls’, Hyderabad

  Fat Tiger under this expansion plan, recently inaugurated its franchise-owned experience outlet in Hyderabad. 

–          Approximately 250 sq. ft. of premium commercial space is leased for the franchise outlet in the region.

–          Company aims to open over 200 outlets PAN India in the course of 3 Years, Fat Tiger currently have 50+ outlets

Hyderabad: Quick Restaurant Chain Fat Tiger has recently inaugurated its fourth franchise-owned restaurant in Hyderabad. The store is spread across an area of 250sq. ft. in carpet area. The outlet is situated at Plot no. 3-5-908/101, Pooja manor, beside ICICI Bank, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500029 in order to attract a large number of youth, families, students, and anyone who enjoys Pan Asian cuisine in various flavours. The city previously boosts three outlets of the brand namely in Banjara Hills, Sainikpuri and also in Kundan Bagh, Begumpet, Hyderabad.

Fat Tiger is a modern Qsr and Café chain that offers Momo, Burgers, Pizza, Drinks and much more here in the city. The chain brings internationally acclaimed teas, beverages and expertly made momos and much more to India, along with options for nutritious meals.

As a part of their recent expansion plans, they have added this outlet to its pre-existing 50+ outlets in 22 cities, strengthening its already strong presence across the country. The brand is also planning to open 200 more offline outlets in the forthcoming 30-36 months.

Mr. Sahaj Chopra and Mr. Sahil Arya, Co-Founders and Directors of Fat Tiger, stated in response to the announcement, “We are happy to open consecutive stores in the city of Hyderabad. We are excited to welcome new customer feedbacks and to witness their experiences relating to our servings. We were previously welcomed with full hearts in the city. We hope our new store enjoys same love and trust from our customers. We promise to bring both enjoyment and a delectable food experience to our patrons with the opening of our new outlet in the heart of Hyderabad. We are thrilled and enthused to proclaim our rapid expansion into the Indian QSR sector, as well as the fact that people surely will enjoy our food, ambience, and emphasis on the quality of ingredients used in our cooking.”

Talking about the brand, they add, ” At Fat Tiger, we take things a step further by introducing the flavourful family of Momos alone with much more to offer in the menu made from some of the finest ingredients and of a curated menu. Meanwhile, bringing the newly adopted international trade to the well-travelled Indian palate and great prices.

We also believe in new age ideas, flavours, and a conscious mind-set that prioritizes happiness over all else, so come on in, visit us, celebrate with us, and sit back and enjoy!”





FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) an apex body of business women in the country is organising a Two day Textile and handloom show titled   ‘Anshukam’ in the national capital Delhi in a bid to provide direct access to the weavers to market their products in India and abroad.

“The Two day event ‘Anshukam’ with the theme ‘Weaving Stories Through threads’ will help weavers and artisans from various parts of the country with buyers both national and international , designers, exporters and e-commerce. The event will also help provide market linkages to manufacturers of handloom and textiles and introduce new products and services “ said Ms Jyanti Dalmia, President, FICCI Ladies Organisation .

“The major highlights of the Two day event will include stalls put up by artisans and designers showcasing latest trends in textiles and handlooms from various states in the country, series of fashions shows, talk shows , screening of documentaries, Ikebana demonstration inspired by Textiles, Organic dying work, textile painting show, and cultural events “ said Ms Madhuri Halwasiya, FLO national initiative head for Textile and Handlooms.

“ The major highlight of the Two day event will be Bollywood cine star Vidya Balan’s participation along with host of fashion shows and talks by eminent fashion designers . The designer’s will include Neeta Bhargava, Gaurang Goel, Radhika Raje, Prasad Bidapa, Asha Gautam, Sanja Garg of Raw Mango and a fashion show by students of Pearl Academy “ said Ms Halwasiya

“Indian handloom is back in the limelight, owing to the initiatives of the Narendra Modi-led government. Apart from government initiatives, there are individual steps as well. . The Two day Anshukam is part of the effort as several renowned designers and style gurus will be promoting the fashion industry, using local handloom fabrics. “ Ms Halwasiya added .  

Leo Global Music releases the most awaited Garba song Ambe Maa sung by Amit Mishra

Leo Global Music releases the most awaited Garba song Ambe Maa sung by Amit Mishra

One of the most awaited Hindu festivals, Navratri, marks the victory of good over evil. The celebration of Navratri is incomplete without music and especially ‘Garba’. Fans had been waiting for the song ever since the news emerged that Bollywood great singer Amit Mishra had teamed with Leo Global Music for Garba Song.  With captivating posters and an absolutely enthralling teaser, Leo Global Music today launched their maiden music video, Ambe Maa, which features everybody’s favourite Krish Pathak, Esmeralda Laurent & Alisha Bose. 

The brand-new song “Ambe Maa”. Sung by our much-adored singer Amit Mishra, this song is the perfect amalgamation of devotion and entertainment. This song is a perfect fit for your navratri, Dandiya, Garba session.  We can say it has exceeded all our expectations and stands out from all the garba songs that we have seen over the years. 

Mounted on a lavish scale, Ambe Maa is a never-seen-before traditional song. The actors look drop-dead gorgeous as they groove to the foot-tapping beats of the song.  Dozens of dancers, splashing colours and a magnificent set make it look even more pleasing to the eyes. Needless to say, it is the song we all needed this festive season. 

Produced by Nailesh Gada and Praful Pasad.  The song was composed by Shreyas Dharmadhikari with lyrics penned down by noted lyricist Saaveri Verma. Yash Santosh Mohite directed the song. 

Ambe Maa is out now and is streaming on all leading platforms. Amidst the eye-catching sight, the song captures the essence of Garba beautifully. The song has a very upbeat style and is surely set to make your feet tap like never before.

Usha Mangeshkar and Padmini Kolhapure will perform at live concert “Geet-O-Ghazal Ki Sarita Hamari Lata” organised by Falisha Entertainment celebrating Lata Mangeshkars 93rd birthday

Usha Mangeshkar and Padmini Kolhapure will perform at live concert “Geet-O-Ghazal Ki Sarita Hamari Lata” organised by Falisha Entertainment celebrating Lata Mangeshkars 93rd birthday

Usha Mangeshkar and Padmini Kolhapure will perform at live concert “Geet-O-Ghazal Ki Sarita Hamari Lata” organised by Falisha Entertainment celebrating Lata Mangeshkars 93rd birthday

Usha Mangeshkar & Padmini Kolhapure will perform at live concert “Geet-O-Ghazal Ki Sarita Hamari Lata” organised by Falisha Entertainment celebrating Lata Mangeshkars 93rd birthday

Falisha Entertainment organized a concert, named ‘Geet-O-Ghazal Ki Sarita Hamari Lata’ to pay a heartfelt tribute as well as Celebrating the birth anniversary of Lata Mangeshkar. She was often referred to as the ‘Queen of melody’ and has lent her voice to a number of Bollywood songs for many decades. The concert “Geet-O-Ghazal Ki Sarita Hamari Lata” aimed at bringing together nuggets and anecdotes from her career spanning over seven decades. The organizers also pay tribute to Mangeshkar, who is widely considered to have been one of the greatest and most influential singers in India.

Nightingale of India Lata Mangeshkar has been laid to rest with full state honours but it is yet to seep into everyone’s consciousness that she is no more. Tributes are still pouring in and everyone is remembering the experiences they had with her. Organiser Shabina Shaikh who has paid a heartfelt tribute to Lataji, dedicated her live concert to the late Mangeshkar. The concert is coming up at Shanmukhanand Hall Sion on 7th October 2022 at 6:30 pm. 50 musicians will participate in the concert. Singers like Sudesh Bhosle, Bela Shende, pratibha Singh Baghel, and Faruq Shaikh will perform in a live concert. Usha Mangeshkar ji and Padmini kolhapure ji are also going to perform at the event.

Falisha Entertainment’s managing Director Shabina Shaikh said that the voice that Lataji left cannot be filled and she will be part of our souls. Many dignitaries like Usha Mangeshkar, Raj Babbar, Poonam Dhillon, Ustad Siraj Khan & Padmini Kolhapure will grace the live concert.

Samast Mahajan  provides immediate treatment to sick, injured animals, Hon Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari greenlights 11 ambulances

Samast Mahajan  provides immediate treatment to sick, injured animals, Hon Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari greenlights 11 ambulances

Samast Mahajan, for the first time in February this year, set a wonderful example to Sid the voiceless in the city of Mumbai, providing medical care to sick and injured animals with  Animal Hospital on Wheels. Now, this service is going to be available round the clock with 11 new ambulances, covering more area and helping far more animals. 11 new such ambulances were inaugurated at the hands of Hon Governor Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari at Raj Bhavan.

This service is being implemented by the grace and inspiration of Rashtrasant Pujya Namramuni Maharaj Saheb, besides Hon Governor  Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Union Animal Husbandry Minister Parshottam Rupala, Maharashtra’s Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Minister Mangal Prabhat Lodha and Hon Minister of Revenue Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil. Hon Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari said, “Yug Pradhan Acharya Panya’s Chandrashekhar Vijayji inspired all Mahajans and Rashtrasant Pujya Shri Namramuni Maharaj Saheb with his grace, compassion, and cooperation. The importance of service and humanity is prime. When one takes service as his mantra, then the country is truly free. It is a fact that even when we speak, many small living creatures die. That is why Jain monks used to wear masks since centuries. Corona taught the rest of the world to wear masks.”
Citing an example the Hon Governor  “Once a sage was doing penance,  when an injured  pigeon fell on his lap.  A hunter who struck it said.  “this is my food.” The sage said he will not let it die, and offered as much of his body’s flesh as the weight of the pigeon in exchange.  When the Mahatma cut his flesh and weighed it, the weight of the pigeon kept on increasing. Undaunted, the Mahatma also started adding his meat. God then trevealed how he appeared in the form of a hunter and blessed him.  Service and compassion are very important. I bow to you all Mahajans and trustees Paresh Shah and Girish Bhai Shah. We are all very happy with your service.”
Added Girish Bhai, “Humans, animals and nature have special importance in this world. Our culture and scriptures have proved this fact before Science reiterates it. Whenever and wherever we get the privilege of helping the voiceless in one form or another, I consider it to be the grace of God and the true meaning of my human life.
“Now with the number of ambulances being 11, treatment for animals will be available immediately in any corner of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. To fulfill this objective, we will divide Mumbai into eleven divisions and deploy one ambulance in each department. I look forward to being of more service to the voiceless.”

Ajay Devgn attends the 68th National Award ceremony to receive the Best Actor & Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment for Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior.

Ajay Devgn attends the 68th National Award ceremony to receive the Best Actor & Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment for Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior.

Ajay Devgn attends the 68th National Award ceremony to receive the Best Actor & Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment for Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior.

Eva – India’s first Deo Brand announces Celebrity Rashmika Mandanna as brand ambassador and launches their all-new brand film

Eva – India’s first Deo Brand announces Celebrity Rashmika Mandanna as brand ambassador and launches their all-new brand film

Eva – India’s first Deo Brand announces Celebrity Rashmika Mandanna as brand ambassador and launches their all-new brand film

EVA announces Rashmika Mandanna as brand ambassador and launches their all-new brand film

EVA, India’s first women’s deodorant brand with a non-alcoholic ingredient base, announces nationwide crush, actor par excellence, Rashmika Mandanna, as their brand ambassador. Celebrating every woman’s unique personality, EVA launches its all-new brand film, featuring Rashmika and reiterating its tagline, “With EVA, Special Happens”. The brand boasts about its robust product attributes and the all-new brand film encapsulates the most essential phase in a young girl’s life where she is beginning to fulfill her dreams with immense enthusiasm. Rashmika Mandanna, the national sensation, has gained success on both critical and commercial fronts as she has starred in several successful projects, elevating her benchmark with every character she so confidently enacted. With a diverse line-up of films, there has been a growing fanbase showering their affection not only from a specific region but across the country. 

Representing this young, everyday girl that comes with her share of moments of self-doubt, the film opens with Rashmika seated in the outdoor campus, noticing a theatrical performance by her friends as they practice choreographed dance moves. Just as she is about to join the fun and frolic, Rashmika is overcome with a wave of self-doubt and demotivating thoughts, that are voiced by her own conscience, representing thoughts that crop up to every young ambitious girl, ready to conquer the world and stand out, however, is overly conscious about her looks and how she conducts herself.

Contesting with self-doubts and apprehensions, Rashmika, the EVA Girl, unveils her secret to her renewed confidence by pulling out her ever-supportive and confidence-restoring EVA. She goes on to spraying the fragrance and puts all her inner self-doubts to rest. Thwarting her negative thoughts, Rashmika leaves a trail of freshness that enchants the entire dance group as she walks past all her insecurities and joins her friends to do a choreographed performance with a beaming smile and confidence to match.

Relying on the mesmerizing floral, fruity, and woody fragrances that leave a long-lasting scent, EVA uplifts the mood and brings positivity with each spritz. The campaign subtly highlights the superlative features of the product through the representation of what positivity and confidence truly looks like with EVA deodorants, reiterating the ideology that With EVA, Special Happens.

Video Link :  

Youtube – https://youtu.be/XPPZuDyQTlI

Production Credits:

Director: Punit Malhotra

Production House: Dharma Production

Location: Andrew’s Auditorium

Creative Agency: Curry Nation

Conceptualisation and Script: Priti Nair

Speaking about her association with EVA, Rashmika Mandanna comments, “I have always strongly believed that confidence and positivity comes from within you. I find myself drawn to moments, people and products that exude positivity and uplift me every step of the way. While I love the fragrance and how it helps me improve my mood, EVA tells a larger story that normalizes moments of self-doubt and self-discovery that occur in every young woman’s journey in life. Partnering with EVA, a brand that so perfectly represents young Indian girls and their unique and one-of-a-kind personalities as they come of age, is a very fulfilling experience. I look forward to telling their story and helping girls find that little dose of confidence they need in key moments, with a single spray of EVA”

Commenting on the announcement and brand film, Vishal Vyas, Head of Marketing, EVA says, “Our primary mission has always been to prioritize our brand in a way to extend positivity and elevate one’s confidence through EVA’s usability. Partnering with Rashmika Mandanna, a candidly positive person has been a pleasure. We are grateful to have her on board as the brand ambassador of EVA as she brings the newness and fresh perspective to the film and we believe special happens for the brand with this special partnership”

EVA is a girl’s friend that aids in personal enhancement making it accessible to every young girl with a plethora of products and variants. From feel-good fragrances to supple lips, EVA is all a girl needs to keep their day to night self-care covered. Elevating the young girl’s confidence, the deodorants are a game-changer that helps them put their best foot forward with just about a few handy essentials. Providing with skin-friendly and 0% alcohol deodorants, lip balms for dry lips, chapsticks for the perfect tint and moisturization, and talcs to keep the skin non-greasy and fresh, EVA Girl is truly the one-stop solution to a fresh spin from sunrise to sunset.

Celebrate Dandiya with Shruti Pathak at Phoenix Marketcity Mumbai

Celebrate Dandiya with Shruti Pathak at Phoenix Marketcity Mumbai

Celebrate Dandiya with Shruti Pathak at Phoenix Marketcity Mumbai


Celebrate Navratri in style at Mumbai’s favourite destination mall, Phoenix Marketcity Mumbai! This year’s Dandiya Raas promises to be super exciting with leading singer Shruti Pathak of Shubhaarambh and Bhammariyo fame, livening up the glorious evenings with music and beats for an unforgettable celebration with family and friends. With an array of restaurants offering over a 100 vegetarian delicacies and convenient parking Phoenix Marketcity Mumbai has ensured that you can focus on just having fun! Come along to this 2-day fiesta and get in the festive spirits with Mumbai’s favorite location for all weekend plans.

Date:  1st October 2022   – 2nd October 2022
Venue: Dublin Square, Mumbai Marketcity Mumbai
Book:  https://bit.ly/BiggestDandiyaFest

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