A journey from House , that is family.. Child and working women

Lets toast this International womens day with Women empowerment

Thinking of society is also changing slowly. More and more no. of women are getting a quality education. But the true meaning of women empowerment will be achieved when gender inequality will be eliminated. We need to give equal opportunities to women for equal pay, equal respect as equal to men.

Women empowerment is a critical step in the effort to improve the status of women around the world. It includes the elimination of violence against women and girls at every level, including family, community, nation and international activity; prevention of all forms of physical, sexual and psychological abuse; access to information, rights education and opportunities for legal protection.

            Women Empowerment cannot achieved in a day. It’s a long chain of liitle efforts everyday. There is no greater gift than education and if we empower a girl by efforts we should definitely help and a bring a change in society

“The best advice I could give to a woman starting her career? ‘Whatever you do, be different. Don’t try to imitate a man, be more ambitious. Be persevering and trust yourself. Excellence is the best way to defeat sexism but don’t fear failure. Dare and get what you want as an independent woman who does not let herself influenced by what others might think’. 



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