South actress Kaydu Lohar makes her Marathi debut with ‘I Prem U’ opposite Abhijit Amkar | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Mathematicians say that love is an unsolvable equation, while Einstein says that falling in love has nothing to do with gravity. So what is love? This story will be presented in a unique movie “I Prem U”. Southern actress Kyadu Lohar is making her debut in Marathi with the movie, Kayadu and Abhijit Amkar are a fresh pair in this movie. This movie is going to be released all over Maharashtra on 17th March.

The teaser of the movie “I Prem U” was launched recently. The film is produced by Madhukar Gursal, Nitin Kahar of Saishri Entertainment. Nitin Kahar has also written and directed. Cinematography by Avinash Satoskar, music direction by Sanju-Sangram and Yashodhan Kadam.

Born in Tezpur, Assam, Kaydu Lohar has acted in southern films. Films in Kannada, Malayalam like Mugilpete, Pothanapatham Nuttandu, Aluri have been released. Now she is stepping into Marathi. Along with her, actor Abhijit Amkar, who is appreciated for his performance in films like Takatak, will be seen in the film.

Teaser Link

Exclusive By Jyothi Venkatesh


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