Amrita Khanvilkar blocks her husband!

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Currently, it is the season of weddings in the film industry. On the one hand, actress Amrita Khanwilkar has given a shock to her fans. Amrita Khanwilkar and Himanshu Malhotra are seen as a cute couple. A few months ago, Amrita had a grand birthday celebration with Himanshu and her friends. But now Amrita has blocked Himanshu from social media. Therefore, a question mark has been raised whether they are all right or not. Amrita disclosed this in the talk show ‘Patla Tar Ghya with Jayanti’ on Planet Marathi. Amrita has blocked and unfollowed Himanshu many times. But this time Himanshu has unfollowed Amrita, what exactly happened between them, why they are doing this, the audience will get the answer in the show itself . Amrita also expressed regret that my father has not seen me dance till now. Amrita has shared many funny anecdotes, shocking stories in ‘Pata Ter Ghya with Jayanti’. Director Om Raut also participated in these gossips and he revealed the secret that Amrita and he are ‘burger buddies’.

By Jyothi Venkatesh & Perfect Woman Magazine


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