Harjinder Singh: Shiv Thakre deserves to win Bigg Boss

Actor Harjinder Singh is rooting for Shiv Thakre to win the Bigg Boss 16 trophy.

PRESS RELEASE BY Jyothi Venkatesh

The actor says that he has played the game really well and truly deserves to win.

“Shiv Thakre for sure deserves the win. He has been great in the show and has played the game with dignity. I like the way he is playing and going ahead with his game. He represents a common man with big dreams,” he says.

He adds, “Watching Abdu has been a treat for eyes. His sweetness and warmth has won many hearts, including mine. His chemistry with Sajid made a remarkable mark in Bigg Boss history.”

Reality shows give a different type of kick to the audience, he says, adding, “I believe the audience wants to see the true sides of contestants. They want to see how they manage the challenges of the settings they are put in.”

Ask him if he would like to be part of Bigg Boss, and he says, “Not in my present state of mind! I find it difficult to bind myself to just one house. But it’s definitely a great experience to detox from the world, which I might comfort at a later stage of my career.”


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