Stop and take a moment with Superkicks’ Modern Meditation

Stop and take a moment with Superkicks’ Modern Meditation

Conceptualised by Sangeet Paryani and Nisha Lulla Paryani, Superkicks has been an impetus in escalating the streetwear world in India. And they’re taking it a notch above with Modern Meditation, their first jewellery line.

Meditation has always been rosary beads, simple clothes, and incense sticks, performed by the mountains preferably. But with fast-paced lives, this is far from accessible or even relatable to people. This old-age belief needed to evolve, thus rose the inspiration for Superkicks to create a form of meditation that one can carry everywhere.

Drawing upon the concept of meditation, a practice deeply rooted in Indian culture, Superkicks’ jewellery collection “Modern Meditation’ is one-of-a-kind. Riffing off the fact that meditation as a concept hasn’t changed over time, the jewellery collection aims to replace the idea of old-age meditation with newer ways.

Designed by Superkicks and fabricated by Zillionaire, the line is a collection of 5 unique pieces made of 0.925 sterling silver. The jewellery is designed to add an element of play to every look with accents that move and are fun to fidget with. The collection consists of pendants that have moving parts – a Basketball that spins on its axis, a Skateboard whose wheels roll, a Turntable that one can actually spin, a Spray can that clicks, and a Cassette with a moveable reel. The idea is to elevate the wearer’s outfit by adding a dash of cool and ease while calming the wearer’s nerves – to pause, take a deep breath, and reflect.
Superkicks is India’s Leading destination for all your hype and streetwear needs. To know more about the brand and collection, please visit :

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