Turn the heat up this wedding season with these bold and beautiful outfits 

Turn the heat up this wedding season with these bold and beautiful outfits 

Glam Up yourself with these gorgeous outfits!

The grandeur essence of any occasion or wedding transpires through a captivating and elegant ensemble. Though the recent years hinted at a minimalist aesthetic, however, the brides and the bridesmaid of the ‘now’ have refocused on beautifully embellished ensembles that are consciously assembled to affix a resplendent vibe around them. An assemblage of awe-inspiring outfits, transcending patterns, visually pleasing hues, sheer fabric, and transitional pieces are the probe for every woman in the pursuit of happiness a.k.a perfect outfit.

Varun Chakkilam

Varun_Chakkilam (18).jpg

Scrolling through the Instagram feed of the label Varun Chakkilam will have one mesmerized by its opulent playful appeal and intricate craftsmanship. The brand is an ode to technology and nature that brings alive contemporary aesthetics to fusion wear. Exquisite silhouettes, transcending fabrics, modernist vibes, and feminine elegance are the notes evident in Varun Chakkilam’s ensembles.  Hence, with an understated aesthetic that epitomizes a graceful yet playful look, the brand is the ideal choice for rich Kurta sets, peplum tops with skirts, geometric jackets accentuated with bustiers, and so much more. 

Availability: Instagram

Price: Price on request

Maison Blu

Maison Blu- 11.jpg

If floor-length pieces, ruffled love affairs, contemporary co-ords, and iconic pre-stitched sarees are your aesthetic this wedding season, then Maison Blu is the label that matches your vibe. The silhouettes portray the authentic aesthetic of the women adorning it. For the bold, beautiful, and playful woman Maison Blu plays on romantic elegance, evident in their style. The glamorous fits are versatile and elegant, possessing a transitional trait. Their multi-functional silhouettes make space for more stylish looks for wedding events. Maison Blu’s iconic tassel jackets, metallic skirts, and vibrantly hued sharara sets are winners for this season. 

Availability: Instagram

Price: Price on request


KALKI X DEME-23-NOV-216157.jpg

Kalki is the answer to all your last-minute wedding shopping, as the brand looks over intricate detailing and brilliant craftsmanship in their ethnic Indian Wear and opulent fusion wear brand. This sumptuous luxurious couture brings contemporary ethnic ensembles into our wardrobes that have a sheen laced to them. Kalki is for every woman mesmerized by the beauty of ethnic fashion and is confident while adorning it.  The label curates some of the dynamic pieces in the form of exceptional sarees, opulent jumpsuits, and shimmering three piece pant sets. 

Availability: Website | Instagram

Price: INR 3,540 onward

Shivani Awasty

Shivani Awasty41684 (1)-min.jpg

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