“I feel lucky to be accepted and loved as Vaibhav by the audience”,says Aashay Mishra of Shubh Laabh – Aapkey Ghar Mein

“I feel lucky to be accepted and loved as Vaibhav by the audience”,says Aashay Mishra of Shubh Laabh – Aapkey Ghar Mein

How has your journey been on Sony SAB’s Shubh Laabh – Aapkey Ghar Mein?

It’s been great and the journey gets better because of the co-actors, the team, the producers you are working with and of course your character graphs. So overall, it’s been a delightful experience for me. I was a little skeptical when I replaced Manan, as in he moved out of the show and then I became a part of the show, so there was a bit of skepticality in whether the audience will take me in or not, whether they’ll accept me as Vaibhav or not because when the show launches, the first impression is what remains as the face of the character, now in the middle of the show if you replace someone it takes a lot of effort to convince the audience. But lucky me, people have accepted me and it’s been really great.

How does it feel to play a father on-screen?

It’s not the first time I’m playing the role of a father in a show, in the past, post leap, I played a father’s role too. A father’s character gets really interesting because of the kids and the kids on the show are sweethearts to work with. We enjoy a lot, we talk a lot, we play a lot, so it’s a really wholesome and fun experience when the children are here. Characterwise if you ask me then there’s this crescendo that you build for a character over a period of time along the journey of the show and then once the leap happens there’s a sense of maturity that comes into the picture, wherein you need to know what all the character has gone through, what all you have gone through or how much of the time has been lapsed there is, which in our case was seven years and a lot can change in seven years but the wound is painful because in the show I lose my child which brings out an emotion of a different scale in itself, this has been a learning experience I would say. It did get a bit difficult because I wanted to try something different from what I did in the last show and also it all comes under the writing, how well the script has been written and what all I’m doing as a character.

Tanisha and you have a sizzling chemistry on-screen and fans all over are rooting for you guys to get back together, how is your equation with her off-screen?

I believe whatever equation you share off-screen it reflects on-screen. And we are really good friends. Even Karan, who’s playing Abhiraj’s character, we are really good friends. I believe whatever equation you share off screen it reflects on-screen and me and Shreya, we bonded really well and we are good friends so it’s the chemistry fans see. She is an actor of discipline, she is somebody who reciprocates and also somebody who understands, so your work as an actor becomes easy and playful.

Can you describe what influenced you to pursue a career as an actor?

Since the very beginning I have been active on-stage with a background in formal music training and being in sports, representing school in a lot of co-curricular and cultural activities. I have always been encouraged by my seniors, my mentors and my teachers, that I could pursue acting, which always stayed with me and luckily I got the opportunity and just went ahead with my gut feeling and got into acting as I realized I’m good at it as this was something I explored since childhood.

Can you give us some tidbits regarding the future of the show?

As actors, whatever script we get is what we know. So if you’ll ask me then in the immediate future, I see a lot of twists happening and in relationships a lot of realizations will happen in terms of personal life and professional life and in family matters, that’s all what I can give you about the future of the show.

What makes Vaibhav stand out as a character? In the course of the show, have you had any learnings that stayed with you?

Definitely yes! When it comes to learning, every character you play brings in a new shade, a new learning, a new experience all together and this experience teaches you a lot. Every character in the show stands out. Every character has their own thoughts, their own perspective and they have added some layers to the show and Vaibhav stood out because of how well he is written. Along the journey of the show from a lazy lad to somebody who is doing well in his life, to again having no idea in which direction life is taking him and eventually realizing the a lot of other things that lead him to make certain decisions and choices that help him embark on a journey that makes him who he really is and makes Vaibhav stand out from all the other characters.

What are your strengths as an actor and how has the character of Vaibhav helped you showcase these skills?

As an actor I’ve had formal training, like I have attended a lot of workshops, I’ve done theater, I’ve been a part of  master classes. So all these sessions have helped and equipped me with the tools that I needed as an actor and backed me up with a lot of confidence and formal training in music, sports were an add on. Also over a period of time, I as an actor have grown with my work experience, the kind of projects I’ve been involved in, the people I look up to, the mentors I’ve had and the kind of cinema I watch and the actors I follow. So it’s always an ongoing process and I’m still honing my skills. Secondly, Vaibhav has all the skills that I as an actor poses. Whether it’s building a character, giving him a voice, traits or giving life to the written script.

What according to you is the mantra of success?

Consistency, confidence, hope and a mixture of everything, to know that this is what you’re good at, this is what you need to pursue and this is what you’ll end up doing. The love for your work is also what I believe is the pillar, the main thing that will help you cross all your hurdles and do something in your life. You need to know what are your strengths and your weaknesses, you need to know how skilled you are and how much more experience you need to gain and do more for yourself, work-wise and skill-wise and be consistent about it.

Any message for your fans?

I have just had my birthday and my Instagram, my Whatsapp and all the social media platforms that I’m a part of, were flooded with lots of messages, love, and beautiful fan-made video & image edits, lovely messages! I’m really thankful to everybody who’s attached to our show, who’s attached to me as an actor, who has been following me since the time I started, all the love and all the heart to them. Keep watching us, keep loving us and as you guys are proud, I’ll try and make you prouder.

Keep watching Shubh Laabh Aapke Ghar Mein, Mon – Sat, 8:00 PM on Sony SAB!

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