A place of infinite compassion and affection comes from within: Learn the art of self-love with Roma Narsinghani

A place of infinite compassion and affection comes from within: Learn the art of self-love with

Roma Narsinghani

A place of infinite compassion and affection comes from within: Learn the art of self-love with Roma Narsinghani 

Love and acceptance are two intangible things crucial to human beings. We all crave to be loved and accepted, no matter the success we’ve achieved over the years. Embracing these feelings of love, acceptance and intimacy is the jewellery designer Roma Narsinghani, bringing forth a line of wearable art like trinkets, enabling us to explore our inner worlds. 

Sundays Are for Love, as the collection is called, encourages us to awaken our inner child and join along on this collective journey of consciously seeing, hearing and feeling each other. The range brings forth stories of love – a series full with bold vulnerability and heart opening synchronicities. As the baubles are disclosed with each story, you’ll find a sequence of juxtapositions with each, that synchronise perfectly with the brand. Like the classic Shiv Eye Ring, a part of every Roma Narsinghani collection, signifies strength and protection. The Mean Owl Ring symbolises wisdom, intuition and independent thinking. 

Woven together with glittering and deliberate intention, each piece of jewellery will illuminate and reflect at you the potent power of human emotions and feelings. Each jewellery piece of this collection is reminiscent of the raw beauty hidden within our imperfect symmetry. The range blends in the structure of geometry with fluidity in shapes, symbolising the tough exterior with a super soft interior of the human personality. Dive deep into your consciousness and connect with yourself, with pieces of jewellery that will not just be mere pieces of metal but become a part of you.

About Roma Narsinghani: Roma started her journey in 2016, assisting her mother-in-law in choreographing various fashion shows. Her leap of faith came when she first went public with her pieces at the Magnetic Fields in Jaipur, and there has been no turning back ever since. She started her own brand where she is dedicated to using the most environmentally friendly materials and processes at every stage of production. They work with architectural designs and structural accents that have served as an eternal muse for Roma herself. This contrast of rawness and fluidity with both structure and flow was inspired by Narsinghani’s innate, long-term love for Indianism, travel, emotions, and spirituality.

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