Zee Cafe | Chef Vs Fridge Season 2 brings the taste of life with the ‘Sweet and Sour’ episode

Zee Cafe | Chef Vs Fridge Season 2 brings the taste of life with the ‘Sweet and Sour’ episode

The innovative themes on Zee Café’s Chef Vs Fridge Season 2 have always left the audience wanting more. The exciting yet doable dishes by judges give the audience to add a dish to their culinary knowledge. The upcoming episode of the show will bring in the most loved fruit ‘Mango’ as the protagonist. Themed as ‘sweet and sour’, the next episode is certainly a must-watch for all mango lovers.

While the judges prepare a new version of ‘aamras puri’, their challenges force the contestants to bring out the best in them. The upcoming episode will see a series of challenges, starting with contestants getting 5 varieties of mango, namely Alphanso, Totapuri, Badami, Payari and Neelam. The two contestants- Chef Shehrezad Kapadia and Chef Mohammed Eliyaz were asked to pick any three out of the lot for their final dishes. For the YOTD, the two contestants were tested with a Bamboo Steamer. The googly came later by the judges when the two were asked to exchange their pantry picks of the day, thus, testing their innovative stance.  Speaking about their reactions to the challenges, Chef Sherezad said, “It instantly clicked on me that I could prepare a curry. So, I was happy to see mangoes as an ingredient.” Chef Eliyaz added, “I was forced to think how I could incorporate the bamboo steamer with the mangoesThe real shock came when the judges exchanged our pantry baskets. Whatever I had thought from the beginning, it just evaporated. First two seconds, I couldn’t even think. Then I managed to compose myself to think about my dishes. I used the pumpkin in an innovative manner by making butterflies out of it to garnish my dish.

Witness the mango-full cooking on Zee Café’s Chef Vs Fridge this Sunday at 8 PM

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