Expressing or exploring emotions has nothing to do with age: Vaishnavi Ganatra

Expressing or exploring emotions has nothing to do with age: Vaishnavi Ganatra

Vaishnavi Ganatra is currently seen as the youngest of the Sharma clan, Priya Sharma, in Rajan Shahi’s “Woh Toh Hai Albelaa”. The actress shared that portraying emotions on-screen is all about the character that one plays, and doesn’t have any connection with their age.

She said, “I feel that expressing or exploring emotions has nothing to do with age. What emotions to portray is merely a matter of which character you play. A person can be the oldest on-screen and still be a happy-go-lucky person, or maybe, someone can be playing the role of a really small kid but still be the most understanding person.”

Citing the example of her character, she further said, “My character is very strong. A bold, rebellious girl who is extremely possessive about her family. She has seen the women in her life suffer all along and so she has become very protective of them. I feel that the emotions I have explored through this character are different for me.”

“This being my point, every character has strength in a particular emotion, and that comes hand in hand with the role that they are playing in a particular show. With every new opportunity and every new character that an actor portrays, there will be chances to explore different emotions. It is important to be versatile. When you know your character, ace the particular emotion that is a major part of your character,” she added.

The young actress further revealed that getting the opportunity to work with Rajan Shahi has been a blessing for her. Admiring the ace producer she said, “He is such a genuine soul and a very experienced person, and I firmly believe that all his experience shows whenever he speaks. The first time we all sat together and he was sharing his journey with us, that was a real eye-opener. The excitement in his voice, the way he shared his experiences, the determination in his eyes, all of it just made me realise that I have landed at a beautiful place and under the supervision of a great producer.”

“Rajan sir is extremely determined and down to earth and that, I feel, has helped me become a better actor. I remember, he once told us about a part of his journey and how he stayed strong throughout, he never gave up, and just kept working hard. I was mesmerised. It was really inspirational. He once told us in the beginning that ‘We are all a team. We work as a team.’ Since that day, my respect for him just increased tenfold. He has taught me that no matter how successful a person gets, they should always be grounded. Though all my previous projects have been great experiences, this one is the blockbuster for me. I think a polished version of me came out on-screen when the show went on-air. I am grateful that I got to be a part of the ‘Director’s Kut Production’ and ‘Woh Toh Hai Albelaa’ team!,” Vaishnavi concluded. 

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