Rohit Agrawal: Certain content should only be visible to a certain age group on social media

Rohit Agrawal: Certain content should only be visible to a certain age group on social media

Actor Rohit Agrawal, who is part of Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s brand new web series Escaype Live, says that social media needs to set limits on how content is viewed. The series talks about lengths people go to get famous and earn money on social media and Rohit says that some of this content might not be appropriate for kids.

“I feel that certain content should be only visible to people of a certain age. There should be some bifurcation because many times there’s some content which is not suitable for a small kid, as it might affect the developing brain of that kid. You never know how he or she might be impacted. That’s why I feel that the thin line should be maintained by the creators themselves. Content is only for entertainment purpose, just like the app Escaype Live is too in the series,” he says.

Talking about the show, he says, “I am pretty sure the audience is loving Escaype Live already and they might be excited and curious for the climax and the final episode, which is going to be live on 27th of this month, because that’s going to blow all your minds away! It’s indeed a mirror to society because these days, everyone out there is looking at social media to become a trend, to get viral and the craze for it has increased to the next level. So, I am sure a lot of people will be able to relate to it. When I got to know about the concept, I was connected to it instantly because the first thing as a teenager that came to my mind were the words like trendsetter/ viral/ social platform, etc which helped me relate to it.”

Rohit adds that he really relates to his character. “I play the role of Dev, Rajkumar aka Meenakumari’s younger brother in the series. When I received the script, I instantly got connected to it. I also have an elder brother so that helped me connect. Also, during the audition, my dad was with me and he saw me perform. This audition will always be special for him. He was like ‘Haan yeh best hai, bohot sahi hua hai,mein keh raha hoon naa’,” he says.

The actor adds that the series also shows how much content creators struggle to make content which people like. “A coin has two sides, similarly social media also has two sides. Yes, you do get fame, recognition, and more stuff once you get viral, once you hit something big that the audience really likes. But at the same time, the level of competition has also increased. Creativity is also very important and people with good content are coming up on a regular basis, which makes the content creator struggle real,” he says.

Talking about working with Siddharth Kumar Tewary and One Life Studios, he says, “It was ‘Boom Chaka chakka’. He’s so talented! I have grown up watching his shows and serials. As an actor, I always wanted to work with him since I began acting. When I first met sir, I was mesmerised by his personality. He’s so down to earth, so humble and has everything in his mind. He knows what’s to be done, and what motivation needs to be given to an actor. He takes absolute care of his cast and crew, which is a very good quality as a human being. The best part is that he was taking suggestions from each and every artist. Basically, you share a give and take relationship with him on set, the more you’re involved, the more he will get the art out of you! I absolutely loved working with Siddharth Sir.”

This show will always be special for Rohit. “Each and every moment was memorable for me. I still remember we were rehearsing for an emotional sequence and Sharat Saxena Sir, who’s playing my father, said his dialogues and I literally got goosebumps! Working with Rohit Chandel and Shweta Tripathi was a treat for me as well,” he says.

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