Mika Singh’s Fitness Regime will motivate you to follow the path to good health

Mika Singh’s Fitness Regime will motivate you to follow the path to good health

Mika Singh is amongst the most eligible and dashing bachelors in our B-town industry. His down-to-earth nature and the punjabiyat in him are what make him unique. Music has always been his forte and he has excelled in that and has become a musical sensation. Now, he wants to try something unique and that’s why he is soon coming up with his own show of ‘Swayamvar- Mika Di Vohti’ where he wishes to meet his better half. The show has a lot of buzz around it since its first announcement.

Mika is sweet by nature and his personality is like a cool, dapper dude. He has always been conscious of his fitness. He is a big-time foodie so he follows a fitness schedule to take care of his health and maintain a balance. It gives him the satisfaction of staying on the best of both worlds. The artist even encourages people to stay fit and avoid severe health problems. In one of his interviews, he expressed his views on following a tight fitness regime, He said and I quote, ” I have always been conscious about my fitness. I love food to the extremes, and that’s why I find exercise necessary and quite frankly the most efficient way to burn calories. After a hearty meal, you get the urge to stay fit and create a good balance of healthy eating habits as well as healthy fitness habits. Staying in shape is a good way to avoid unnecessary health-related issues. Therefore, I follow a strict regime of exercise to stay fit. And at times, intermittent fasting works too. I urge people to stay fit and healthy by doing whatever works best for them.”

Looks like being a fitness freak has actually been paying off for me. He just looks dashing, especially when he wears black. It’s just so him. And now with his rugged handsomeness, he is sure to find a Vohti for himself on the show. Fans are extremely excited for the show to come on air soon. The show has high expectations and seems like it’ll be surely fulfilled.

Stay tuned for more interesting updates as the show will be launched on June 19th on Star Bharat.

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