Disney Star’s new Marathi movie channel ‘ Pravah Picture ‘ to showcase 52 brand new Marathi films every year every Sunday

Disney Star’s new Marathi movie channel ‘ Pravah Picture ‘ to showcase 52 brand new Marathi films every year every Sunday

In everyday stressful life, family reunions are rare. Cinema is a magical medium that brings the whole family together. On this occasion, the memories get brighter and unknowingly a smile appears on the face. It is very important to have such a moment in life to strengthen the bond of the whole family. To achieve this, a new channel called Pravah Picture has been launched. Disney Star’s new movie channel ‘ Pravah Picture ‘ is going to bring this special moment of bringing the family together by presenting a special gift of new movies . The announcement was made at a recent grand press conference. On this occasion, all the veteran actors and dignitaries of Marathi film industry were present. Every Sunday, the channel will air the world television premiere stream of a new movie. This is the first time such an experiment will take place in a Marathi film channel. Therefore, the golden age of the silver world is literally beginning through the channel Pravah Picture .

‘ We are thrilled to be expanding the Flow brand through this innovative channel, Pravah Picture. Through this channel, Marathi cinema is getting an opportunity to celebrate and entertain the audience. Through this innovative channel, home viewers will be able to enjoy their favorite movies. We are confident that Pravah Picture will be a channel of rights for a Marathi family in search of quality entertainment Network Entertainment Channels. “Over the years, Star Pravah has carved a special place in the hearts of Marathi-speaking audiences, making it a household name. We are thrilled to extend the Pravah brand with Pravah Picture and bring to our viewers an exciting new channel to further cater to their entertainment needs. We are creating an opportunity for our audiences to come together to watch the finest Marathi titles with their families and celebrate the Maharashtrian culture,” said Kevin Vaz, Head – Network Entertainment Channels, Disney Star”, says Kevin Waugh , head of Disney Star 

The treasure trove of premieres on Pravah Picture will start from the biggest blockbuster movie ‘ Pavankhind ‘. 19 _ This smash hit movie will be released in June. The film has done well at the box office. In addition, Hemant Dhome directed multistarrer ‘ Jhimma ‘ will be seen in another superhit movie streaming movie. Senior actor Ashok Saraf His two movies ‘Kadhi Ambat Kadhi Goad’ and ‘ Pravas ‘ will also be a special treat on the flow picture. Swapnil Joshi ‘s ‘ Bali ‘, Mahesh Manjrekar’s ‘ Dhyanimani ‘, Multistarrer and critically acclaimed ‘ Karkhanisanchi Wari ‘

In the next few weeks, streams will be available to viewers on Pravah Picture Channel. Don’t worry if you miss your favorite movie. Pravah Picture will now bring this joy directly to your home. What is special is that these films will be aired only on streaming pictures as world television premieres and this is the distinctive feature of this channel.

In addition to the World Television Premieres shown every Sunday , you can enjoy daily action, romance and comedy superhit movies on Pravah Picture . So get ready to experience this unique world of entertainment.

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