When ‘Escaype Live’ came to me, I felt it was one of the best scripts I have read to date in terms of concept, storytelling, and character graphs- Shweta Tripathi Sharma!

When ‘Escaype Live’ came to me, I felt it was one of the best scripts I have read to date in terms of concept, storytelling, and character graphs- Shweta Tripathi Sharma!

Versatility is the name of the game, as far as OTT’s popular face Shweta Tripathi Sharma is concerned. She has rocked every platform, genre and character she has ever been a part of right from the get go! Whether it was her debut show ‘Kya Mast Hai Life’ to her first silver screen film ‘Masaan’, she quickly became a favourite name with fans! With her recent projects like ‘The Gone Game’ and ‘Mirzapur’ too, Shweta Tripathi Sharma has carved a niche for herself in the industry with her powerhouse performances. Her latest show, Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Escaype Live, sees her in the skin of the happy-go-lucky Sunaina.

Talking about her experience of working with the writer-producer-director, she revealed that it was “very enriching, fulfilling, and satisfying”. She added, “For me, it’s not only my work that is important but also the kind of people I work with. When you’re rehearsing, practicing or doing workshops, you’re spending around six to 12 hours, or even more with those people, so they have an impact on you! There is a lot that I’ve learned while shooting for this series. Siddharth is one person who motivates me and inspires me to be the best version of myself, and I’m very grateful to him for that.”

A happy-go-lucky person in real life herself, Sunaina connected with her on a personal note. She added, “He also made me play a character who was happy and that was also a big change for me because generally, my characters don’t have a good day in their life. Sunaina is someone who gives unconditional support without an agenda and according to them, it is very close to who I am in real life so that made me very happy.”

“Escaype Live”, currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, focuses on the social media madness and the actress revealed that she did not think twice before agreeing to do it.

“When ‘Escaype Live’ came to me, I felt it was one of the best scripts I have read to date in terms of concept, storytelling and character graphs. It’s a full package, especially given how Siddharth has shot it! There is every emotion in this series – loss, anger, pain, hope, happy dances and there is also lovely music! I can’t wait for the music to come out because I want to make reels to it,” she said.

A self-confessed fan of thrillers, she said that shooting for the series was incredible as it got her in touch with who she is as a person and as an actor.

“When you’re playing so many characters it can get confusing. Mentally and psychologically speaking, it is very exhausting. So it’s very important to remember who you are because I should not lose touch with who Shweta is. And Sunaina is very close to who I am and who I would like to be. I have a playlist for all my characters as it takes me to their world and I have realised that whenever I put on Sunaina’s playlist it always puts me in a great mood. I feel I have ‘Escaype Live’ to thank for a lot of things in my life,” Shweta concluded.


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