“Playing the handpan makes me feel connected to Lord Shiva,” mentions Meet actor Shagun Pandey about his new-found love for the instrument 

“Playing the handpan makes me feel connected to Lord Shiva,” mentions Meet actor Shagun Pandey about his new-found love for the instrument 

Zee TV’s popular fiction show, Meet, has made a special place for itself in the audience’s hearts since its premiere. The inspirational show presents the story of Meet Hooda (Ashi Singh), who mirrors several women across the nation, fighting societal norms of gender roles regarding work and responsibilities. Since its inception, Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey have been acing the role of Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlawat, respectively.  While they have impressed one and all, it looks like our handsome actor has found a new hobby for himself on the set, other than acting. 

In the upcoming episodes, viewers are all set to witness some high voltage drama with some new twists and turns. And while Shagun has been working round the clock to keep everyone entertained, it looks like the actor is also removing time from his busy schedule to explore a new musical instrument in his free time. Shagun Pandey has been always fond of singing and while on a recent vacation, he started learning the handpan, also known as Pantam in some regions. Ever since he tried his hands on the instrument, the popular actor has fallen in love with it. He finds it very therapeutic and feels it helps him connect with Lord Shiva as well. 

As Shagun Pandey reveals, “Owing to my love for music and musical instruments, I recently bought a handpan and took it along with me during my recent, short vacation. I have always seen different people playing it and when I got an opportunity to play it, I couldn’t stop myself. As the day passed by, I slowly got a hands-on experience of how to play it and on the day, we were leaving from there, I realized how the whole experience gave me inner peace and made me feel connected to Lord Shiva. I am doing my best to learn different mantras in various variations. While guitars and drums are fancy, I wish more music lovers try their hand at offbeat instruments and bring them to the forefront as well.” 

While Shagun Pandey’s newfound love will have left you surprised, wait till you witness how Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlawat find out the truth behind the murder of her father! 

To find out the shocking secret, tune into Meet, every Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm on Zee TV!

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