Journey with Lajja Brahmbhatt

Journey with Lajja Brahmbhatt

If you’ve never seen NEERA’S NATURAL’S of Lajja Brahmnhatt products, you are in for a treat now with excellent natural ingredients. A law student Lajja Naturally, started thinking about the chemicals that are present in everyday products. She shared Her focus with her mother Kalpana Brahmbhatt that immediately went to soaps and found that only a few soaps were natural and chemical-free as she believes They were not only bad for the environment but were also not skin-friendly. Her cold-compress style is totally unique and her packaging is unmatched in it’s sweetness and completeness. This edition we have sharing her journey and future plans of this budding entrepreneur.

– PW, Prerna Deewan

Something About You:

Hi my name is lajja and I am a founder of Neera naturals (India’s first handmade bathing luxurious brand) soon starting with a podcast series on Instagram where we are going to discuss about life and journey and whatever is important for us as a human.

Your Journey so far:

Nothing less than a roller coaster. I was an average student never thought that ill complete my, LLB, MBA in HR and soon to complete LLM in criminal law. And above that never thought that ill start my own company and podcast. Neera is actually my mother’s vision. She is a cosmetologist with 25+ year experience so yaa it’s a mother and daughter duo. And of course immense support of family and friends is always required in that.

What you like most about your profession?

Challenges, exposure and a hint of having a feeling like a celeb. But above all I love doing what I am doing. Each and every part of it. From making to its packaging. From talking to great people and avoiding negative ones. And you know now starting a journey as a podcaster bit anxious too. But I love talking and speaking to the point.

Challenges in Life:

Many honestly many. Its very tough honestly for a female entrepreneur to even start her journey as she has to manage everything. There are no exceptions for us. There are certain duties which are assigned to do and you have to do no matter what. But things are gradually changing. And I hope it continues. Another challenge is to avoid negative actions and comments from so called critics which aren’t even your potential customers or client. Cause it’s a human tendency to get affected by such. But I have learned to avoid it.

How do you manage work and life?

I have a fantastic family they have supported me immensely and I personally feel that a female has in built art of managing everything at once.

Your say for woman who wish to take up the same profession and walk your path.

Be clear about your vision. And trust your products. Self test is important. Try it on your friends, family and loved ones they are the only true critic. And if you want to be a podcaster just do it now. Don’t wait. But yes be clear about what you are speaking. Research is important. Be sure that your point or talk sounds positive and bias.

Your wish for perfect woman.

I think perfection is nothing but being true to yourself. There is nothing 100% and honestly that’s the beauty of it. And you guys are exactly like that. True to your work and your readers. I wish you immense success and all the positive energy.

Your message for readers.

Be what you are, love your self first and no matter what never compromise your self respect for any one. And follow your dreams. Start your journey now and make your own path.

Lots of love.

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