Sexy and Seductive Sara Khan is back On TV with Dangal TV show

Sexy and Seductive Sara Khan is back On TV with Dangal TV show

Two months after her last show, Spy Bahu ended, sexy and seductive Sara Khan is back in action. She has joined Palkon Ki Chhanv Mein 2 on Dangal TV and will play Tanya Rastogi, an NRI, in the daily soap. Talking about her character, Sara says, “Tanya is the antagonist, who has developed a liking for Nandan (Ashish Dixit). She enters the house with her mother, and the story progresses.
Even though she is an experienced artiste, joining an ongoing show is always a challenge, admits Sara. She says, “It is a challenge to join a show midway because the audience already has a connection with the original cast. Toh aap par aur zyada responsibility aa jaati hai ki achha kar na hai aur audience ko khud ke character ki taraf aakarshit karna hai. I definitely get anxious while taking up such challenges.”

Several shows in recent times have wrapped up within six months. Her last fiction show, Spy Bahu, also ended in six months in September, just a couple of months after she joined the cast. Talking about it, Sara says, “It was quite abrupt and I wasn’t satisfied, as this was the first time a show ended soon after I joined it. It wasn’t a good feeling.” Sara Khan had become an overnight star with the success of TV soap Bidaai.

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