Ram Setu director Abhishek Sharma engages in an insightful storytelling session at IFFI

Ram Setu director Abhishek Sharma engages in an insightful storytelling session at IFFI

Helming the big-scale film Ram Setu, director Abhishek Sharma introduced a whole new world to the audience that the film was opened to. Gaining a cult audience, the film was appreciated for its compelling storyline, rich genre, engaging plot and VFX. The visioned director recently engaged in an insightful session with Amazon Prime Video at the Film Bazaar Pavilion of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI).

Diving deeper into the usage of cutting-edge technology in filmmaking today, the session took turns with Ram Setu’s far-sighted and dynamic creators, co-producer Vikram Malhotra and director Abhishek Sharma, putting their opinions on the blend of the two. Abhishek Sharma expressed his take on how VFX played a significant role in the creation of a never-like-before world in Ram Setu and how that paved the film’s ‘cult-in-the-making’ narrative.

“The world is changing and so is the technology. I believe we are undergoing a digital revolution. VFX has been taking a potential space in filmmaking giving way to a renewed cinematic experience. VFX has given filmmaking a new vision but also enabled creation of unthinkable worlds. It has not just created all sorts of possibilities of creating the unimaginable but also making them real enough to our perception” – he said.

The session gained several expert opinions on the subject matter from Naveen Paul, co-founder and creative head NY VFXWAALA and Parthsarathi Sethuraman Iyer, creative director Shock & Awe Films, who highlighted the utilisation of the innovative technology and its evolution in the coming times.
Director Abhishek Sharma owned ‘Shock & Awe Films’ has been doing incredible work in innovative technologies through VFX storytelling and that was indeed apparent in the spectacular and rich adventure-thriller ‘Ram Setu’. Their vision and wholesome efforts resulted in the larger-than-life, realistic creation of the adventurous world in the film.

Director Abhishek Sharma especially highlighted his experience with the most cutting-edge technology in his critically acclaimed directorial and presented the digitally evolving side of it at IFFI’s esteemed event.

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