Payal Rohatgi looks radiant at the press conference post Lock-Upp at Jhatka at Ramee Guestline, Juhu


Payal Rohatgi looks radiant at the press conference post Lock-Upp at Jhatka at Ramee Guestline, Juhu

The real winner is one who wins hearts. And the real winner of the Lock-Upp is

Payal Rohatgi, the Lioness, who played her game with full vigour till the end, and called a spade a spade. In the jail full of chameleons, Payal Rohatgi retained her sanity and never changed colour and that is truly commendable  From day one, this line warrior believed that truth takes you places, never mind if you are alone.  Having endured every oppression of this tyrannical prison, Payal Rohatgi has only let pain strengthen her and has emerged as a stronger human being.   There were times when all the prisoners of the jail were on one side.  And Payal emerged strongest by holding her ground against onslaughts.

Payal was taunted, harassed and humiliated by prisoners who wanted her to break down. If someone called her a liar, another was rash and ruthless chopping off her clothes. It stooped to levels if personal humiliation and character assassination.  If one told Payal that  she does not know how to cook food, then another said that she stigmatizes everyone.  Next came factionalism.  Why this singling out? The fact is all the prisoners were afraid of Payal Rohatgi’s fearless attitude

 that could lead to the coveted trophy.  Sayesha Shinde wished Payal would not be in finale and Munawwar Farioqui kept naming Payal saying she is not a winner.  But Payal’s hard work and her truth about the game was so clear that people will remember her even after the show is over।Payal made surprising revelations in the show! And her honesty and strength of character reflected in each of her confessions

Be it Tantric worship done in the beginning for her career or the pain of never being able to conceive,  whether it came to silencing Kangana Ranaut with her words or to fight for right,  Payal emerged the lioness in every arena and played

 a game that audiences of Lock-Upp would see  Payal Rohatgi as the real winner of the show. Never mind the detractors!

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