Asahi Kasei’s innovative Premium Wrap becomes the Indian kitchen’s perfect lockdown partnerto store food longer, fresher & healthier


In the last couple of months, most Indians have picked up cooking as an activity to either master their cooking skills or to explore themselves during these tough times. While most of them enjoyed cooking new dishes, there were others who struggled with the very basics – keeping food safe and fresh. One cutting-edge kitchen product that has revolutionized the way for both experienced and amateur new home cooks in the kitchen, while saving time and yet ensuring a hassle-free cooking experience for culinarians of all levels, is Asahi Kasei’s premium wrap – the latest innovation in the food storage, cooking and freshness space.


A saviour for many problems in one humble disguise, the premium wrap has created a significant revolution in the kitchen of working couples and nuclear families in India, who need to make their food preparations last longer, especially because they have to juggle between meal prep and work or on weekends due to tight deadlines. Particularly, keeping in mind the current situation where work-life balance is amiss and many people are constantly being pulled into one zoom meeting after another – but when eating healthy and fresh is most important to keep ourselves strong and healthy.


Asahi Kasei’s Premium wrap keeps food crisper and fresher for longer by locking in moisture and preventing oxygen from flowing through. It makes packing and storage of food items at room temperature or in the refrigerator more efficient. Because the product is made of PVDC (Polyvinylidene chloride) cling film, it is wrinkle-free and simple to rip off and wrap. Simply draw out the needed quantity of wrap from the roll, seal the box, hold the flap down on the thumb mark, and rip along the cutter edge. It keeps frozen meals fresh and prevents them from drying out, and it may be utilized in a variety of ways. Raw vegetables (including those with high water content), fruits, meats, poultry, and fish, as well as prepared roti attas and doughs, may all be stored. Furthermore, it is perfect to store or heat any kind of Indian or exotic preparation in the refrigerator or the microwave.


Asahi Kasei, Japan’s No 1 premium wrap and foil brand, first entered India in 2014 and has since slowly found its way into every Indian kitchen. Their products have been used in Japan for over 50 years, demonstrating their durability and quality. 


“With the food habits changing exponentially in the past decade it is indeed a revolutionary product to have in our homes. Be it preparing your meal for days in advance, or just enjoying the pleasure of a fresh meal even after a taxing workday – their products have been coming to the rescue,” mentions Luve Oberoi, Sr. Marketing Manager – Asahi Kasei. “While most of us think storing leftover food and consuming it the next day is a concern, the premium wrap is a great way to store food and prepare a leftover dish the next day, thus the product comes in use and helps us with having less food wastage in our kitchens.”

About Asahi Kasei:

Premium Wrap, Frying Pan Foil, and Cooking Sheet are the company’s three primary food-related products in India, bringing the Japanese method of storing, cooking, and baking to Indian kitchens. Each one a saviour in their own domain. Asahi Kasei is a global giant in chemicals and material science. It has a turnover of $18.5 billion.

GUESS?, Inc, the American clothing retailer relaunches its in-store experience in India

The global fashion brand with a legacy of almost four decades in bringing trendsetting apparel and accessories is now relaunching its retail presence at the DLF Mall of India in Delhi-NCR. One of the most-frequented shopping destinations in the country, the mall offers more than 100 global brands attracting shoppers from neighbouring cities. Beautifully curated, the GUESS store will bring to life the young, contemporary and sexy vibe of the brand that it is renowned around the world.

The store opening brings back GUESS to the consumers who love the brand for its iconic range of denims, dresses, apparel, shoes, handbags, accessories and so much more. The store itself has been aesthetically designed blending artisanal designs with a minimalistic touch, providing plenty of space for showcasing the brand’s themed total looks and imagery. 


On the launch of the store, Carlos Alberini, CEO of GUESS said, “Even though our brand has penetrated well in several countries, we are always eager to spread our wings to newer markets. Inspired by the rapidly evolving style preferences and buying habits of the new-age consumer, we have launched the ‘Athleisure’ collection which had zero penetration in the pre-covid era, but now this category represents 7% of our apparel sales. These figures are significant as quarantine consumers are clearly choosing comfort-driven apparels with a considerable shift towards fitness.”


The highlight of the brand is the new ‘Athleisure’ collection – a significant workout wear category for the fashion and fitness loving urban shoppers, which will be launched in Fall/Winter2021. Another key category to look out for is a wide range of handbags – from satchels to totes and backpacks to luggage, there is something for everyone at the store. GUESS is also widely recognized for its sustainability efforts and eco-conscious initiatives such as water saving practices during denim wash, responsibly sourced materials and a massive reduction in the use of chemicals.

“We are thrilled to welcome shoppers to our new store at the DLF Mall of India. Besides its strategic location, the store sales reinforced that customers always appreciate quality and on-trend styles – no wonder they unanimously #LoveGUESS. We are now on our way to launch in all the major metros across India through the rest of the year. As people’s habits, tastes and needs evolve, we will continue to innovate and find new ways to engage with our customers,” said Manoj Nair of Gaurik Group. 

About GUESS?, Inc.

Established in 1981, GUESS began as a jeans company and has since successfully grown into a global lifestyle brand.  Guess?, Inc. designs, markets, distributes and licenses a lifestyle collection of contemporary apparel, denim, handbags, watches, eyewear, footwear and other related consumer products. Guess? products are distributed through branded Guess? stores as well as better department and specialty stores around the world. As of May 1, 2021, the Company directly operated 1,041 retail stores in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The Company’s partners and distributors operated 539 additional retail stores worldwide. As of May 1, 2021, the Company and its partners and distributors operated in approximately 100 countries worldwide. For more information about the Company, please visit

Aberdeen Fashion Week

Aberdeen Fashion Week shall Virtual till the world get Relief from Covid-19

Lydia K Cutler is a multi award winning fashion designer and the Founder and CEO of Aberdeen Fashion Week, Scotland, UK. A mother of 3 grown up boys, 50 year old Lydia lives with her family in a small Scottish Village outside Aberdeen.

Aberdeen is the capital city of Oil and Gas in Europe, as such families from around the world move to Aberdeen to work in the Oil & Gas industry. As per this, Lydia  who is a fashion designer and had showcased in several fashion weeks around the world decided to start Aberdeen Fashion Week. 

Aberdeen Fashion Week was founded in 2013 and is still running up till today, despite the fact that the pandemic slowed things down. Due to travel restrictions, the fashion week can not get its designers, models and buyers who travel from around the world to attend, Lydia keeps a clear mind and is enthusiastic about the day everything will go back to some normality so that fashion week can go on. 

Due to the pandemic, Lydia started a YouTube channel called Fashion Art Media to interview creatives, this was late 2020, the CEO of One Tribe Network; Mr Kenny Ball saw Lydia’s interviews and invited her to present for OTN’s TV Network. Currently, Lydia has done over 50 interviews with models, designers, photographers, pageant queens, pageant directors, artists, comedians, actors and actress, Lydia’s diary is fully booked with interviews until Summer 2022.

When Lydia is not working in the exciting fashion industry, Lydia takes time to study Spiritualism, to date, Lydia can proudly say that since 2020, her life has changed ever since she discovered spiritualism.

Lydia is also passionate about children and their wellbeing, and as such, Lydia her parents Hon. Abigail Matini & Dr Joel Matini run a children’s home in her home country Kenya. These children once lived on the streets due to being orphaned or due to being abandoned by family members due to poverty. The children now have a happy home.

The List below will take you to Lydia’s social media & work presence:-

Aberdeen Fashion Week.
Fashion Art Media.
Kemunto Fashions. 
Getembe Annex Children’s Home.


Fashion Art Media TV

Magazine: Fashion Art Media 


One Tribe Network UK

Environmentalist Elsie Gabriel creates Eco friendly Ganesha made from recycling water hyacinths and silt at Powai Lake Mumbai.

Women fighting for Climate change and pollution.

Elsie Gabriel Founder Young Environmentalists Programme Trust and National Cordinator Oceans Climate Reality Project India presented an Eco Ganesha she made from recycling water hyacinths and silt from Powai Lake to Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar at Powai lake. The Mayor inspected the biodiversity of the lake and its preparations for the festival. “The raw earthy eco Ganesha highlighted the importance of Powai Lake silt, recycling of Water Aquatic Plant waste before they travel to the already overfilled landfills. Cutting carbon footprints and promoting circular economy, the Powai lake is connected to our ocean via the Mithi river”, said Elsie Gabriel who has been creating Eco Ganesha campaigns for all stratas of society for over a decade. Besides teaching community women, the Young Environmentalists Programme NGO has been teaching this art project and clay moulding to thousands of students over the years as part of their EVS curriculum in Lake and ocean conservation. “Since ancient times in India our ancestors have been creating idols with river clay, straw and bamboo, terracotta and other biodegradable mediums, we need to go back to our traditional knowledge systems which are not only scientific but sustainable as well. ” Added Gabriel. Elsie is researching on the rich Biodiversity of Powai lake which leads to the ocean being overtaken by water hyacinths and aquatic weeds causing the Lake to shrink and deprive Aquatic ecosystem of sunlight and oxygen, focusing on the influx of sewage and silt traps. The Mayor has encouraged the Eco friendly Ganesha and is committed to rejuvenate the lake.

Eichhornia crassipes, Water Hyacythns is among the world’s most noxious invasive aquatic weeds.Climatic and water conditions are the main determinant factors for the growth and expansion of water hyacinth. The weed has substantial negative impacts on the Powai lake’s hydrology, socioeconomics, and aquatic ecosystem causing it to shrink.The lessons for management of Powai Lake water hyacinth are employing preventive and integrated management approaches. Reducing pollutant loads and nutrient enrichment through integrated watershed management is suggested to reduce the Powai Lake eutrophication as there are over a dozen or more crocodiles and various varieties of fresh water fishes in the lake. The hyacinth has come to cover over half the 688-hectare, and along with the highly polluted silt settled on the lake bed is fast killing organisms.
Use of recycling Water Hyacythns into Bio bricks and sustainable products like bags and fabric is advised, giving this agro waste economic value instead of being burnt in landfills emitting dangerous gases, after being transported usurping fuel and manpower.

REVIEW – CANDY (Web Series)

Producers- Rajsh Bahl, Vipul  Shah and Ashwin Varde 

Director- Ashish R Shukla

Star Cast- Ronit Bose Roy, Richa Chaddha, Manu Rishi Chaddha, Ridhi Kumar, Vayu Ranawat, Mihir Ahuja, Anju Alva Nayak

Genre- Thriller 

OTT Platform- Voot

Predictable, though engaging!

Rating- ***

The edge- of- the- seat show is set in the hill station of the tiny hill station Rudrakund in Uttarakhand. Mehul Awasthi (Mihir Ahuja), a student from a popular co-ed boarding school, is found brutally murdered while his best friend Kalki Rawat (Riddhi Kumar) is missing. The incident shocks their mentor and teacher Jayant Parekh (Ronit Bose Roy). He and his wife Somalika Parekh (Anju Alva Naik) are already deeply affected by the untimely death of their young daughter.

Senior police officer Ratna Sankhawar (Richa Chadha) takes over the case. The initial suspicion falls on three students who used to bully and torture Mehul but the villagers are of the view that a demon named Masaan is behind the murders and this is not the first time it has committed such a crime. But Ratna is not ready to believe this theory.

Jayant finds out that many students in the school have fallen prey to a drug being supplied in the form of Lick Me Candy. He also stumbles upon the bitter truth that the wild and crazy Vayu Ranaut (Nakul Roshan Sahdev) is behind the racket. Vayu is the son of the evil local legislator Money Ranaut (Manu Rishi Chadha). However, Ratna bullshits his theory as cock and bull one.

As far as performances go, it is Rohit Bose Roy who shoulders the entire plot and gets into the character of the tough mentor, with effortless ease also emoting with a lot of emotion.  Anju Alva Naik is convincing as an emotionally affected but strong-minded lady. Riddhi Kumar, who gives a brilliant performance as Kalki, is a brilliant as well as natural actor.

Richa Chadha is brilliant as the cop struggling to balance her professional and personal life Kudos to her for getting into the skin of her character of Ratna the dirty cop who isn’t all black or white by shedding her inhibitions with ease. Manu Rishi Chadha has at last got a role Manu Rishi Chadha plays a local politician who seems to be the ‘baahubali’ of the town with his tailor made role which will make him be remembered for a long time. Nakul Roshan Sahdev as his son makes the character of Vayu believable. Gopal Datt and Vijayant Kohli render impressive performances as Headmaster Thomas and Father Marcus, respectively. Ridhi Kumar is a revelation as Kalki the vulnerable kid while Nakul Roshan Sahdev as Vayu Ranawat is simply superb and will blossom into a versatile actor in no time.

To sum up, though the eight episode web series, with each episode with a duration of 40 minute on an average, has too many layers as well that many characters which pop in and out at frequent intervals, the series has a lot of interesting twists and turns, though it is wee bit predictable on the whole and even illogical at times!

– PW, Jyothi Venkatesh

Anil Kapoor & Kareena Kapoor Cover Couple


Hyperice, a global high-performance wellness brand specializing in percussion, dynamic air compression, vibration, thermal technology, mind technology, and contrast therapy, today announced Indian cricketer Virat Kohli as a Hyperice athlete-investor and new brand ambassador. Through the partnership, Virat Kohli will work collaboratively with Hyperice to further accelerate the wellness category as it begins its expansion into India and continues its growth throughout the globe. Virat Kohli joins an unmatched list of elite global athlete-investors, including global football superstar Erling Haaland, 4-time tennis Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka, Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes, NBA Star Ja Morant and PGA TOUR champion Rickie Fowler.

Fresh off leading the national side against a five match Test series against England, Virat Kohli said: “As athletes, the way we train and compete defines us. Hyperice has provided me with a suite of innovative products that have continuously helped me optimize my performance and recovery, so it was a no-brainer for me to join the team as both an investor and ambassador. Hyperice is on a mission to help people move better around the world, and I look forward to helping tell their story in my home country of India and beyond.”

“Virat is one of the most prolific cricketers around the world and we are honored to have him join Team Hyperice”, said Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice. “We are on a mission to help everyone move and live better, and Virat is key to helping us elevate the importance of both mental and physical wellness for all people – both on and off the field.”

Hyperice was founded in 2010 by Anthony Katz, who worked closely with numerous professional athletes and teams to kickstart a movement around performance recovery technology. What started as an ice and compression sleeve, has since evolved into numerous product lines and categories including its award-winning Hypervolt, Vyper, Venom and Normatec lines.

Earlier this month, Hyperice announced its next evolution into a holistic high-performance wellness brand. The multi-prong transformation, led by Hyperice’s recent acquisition of mental wellness company Core, its third acquisition in the last 18 months, is accompanied by a new brand identity and global brand campaign, and anchored by a suite of new products and industry-first technologies.

Following the acquisition of Recover X in December 2020, Hyperice recently launched its new pinnacle innovation – Hyperice X – the world’s first ever portable contrast therapy device.Hyperice X contrast therapy creates a localized cycle of alternating heat and cold to the area for recovery and rehabilitation. This brings together the best of both worlds with all the benefits of icing and all the therapy of heat in one device designed to temporarily numb pain and relieve inflammation (cold) and soothe stiff joints and relax muscles (hot) in the treated areas…all with no ice, cords, or water.

Alongside the launch of Hyperice X, Hyperice announced new generations of its wildly popular Hypervolt and Vyper lines:

  • Hypervolt 2: The Hypervolt 2 offers noticeable updates from the original, including an improved ergonomic design and reduced weight. Three speeds of powerful percussion help give muscles the relief they’ve been asking for, every day.
  • Hypervolt 2 Pro: With the Hypervolt 2 Pro, users will get the same powerful percussion massage therapy that the world’s best athletes have, right in the palm of their hand. Five speeds, set by a new adjustable dial, provide relief to stiff muscles, so users can train and recover like a pro.
  • Vyper 3: All systems activated. The Vyper 3 vibrating roller’s updated design and three speeds help to prime and warm-up the body with a powerful vibrating massage.
  • Vyper Go: The next iteration of Hyperice’s “Go” line. Following the release of the Hypervolt Go in 2020, the Vyper Go is a portable, vibrating roller that helps activate muscles, so users can feel their best before activity at home or on the go.

Hyperice also reintroduced its latest acquisition, Core by Hyperice, as the company enters the mental wellness space:

  • Core by Hyperice: Core is designed to help people find calm, and improve focus and inner strength. Unlike other meditation apps, Core is an immersive meditation experience with both an app and a handheld meditation device designed to track heart rate and stress levels. Powered by the Core App, the purposefully designed Core Meditation Trainer uses biometrics to encourage breath control and focus for those navigating meditation techniques. Core Premium subscribers also receive access to a robust library of instructor-led meditation sessions.

While the existing range of Hyperice products in India are available on Croma, the refreshed Hypervolt and Vyper products will begin rolling out globally in late 2021, with Hyperice X and Core launching globally in 2022.

Perfect Achievers Award, GOLD 2021 Took Place On 21st August With Much Fanfare And Huge Participation

Perfect Achievers Award, GOLD 2021 Took Place On 21st August With Much Fanfare And Huge Participation

Gurubhai Thakkar’s “6th Perfect Achievers Award, Gold 2021” was held in Karmveer Sports Club, Mumbai and it garnered huge attention. In the absence of Gurubhai Thakkar the show was led by Dr. Khooshi Gurubhai & Dr. Geet S Thakkar co owners of the “Perfect Woman” Magazine.

Perfect Achievers who won GOLD Awards

It is one of the most anticipated award shows which awards the right talent and inspires them to do even better. Acknowledging the achievers with excellence like no other award shows.  Being one of the most prestigious and coveted Award for 6 years as they motivate & encourage Achiever’s with gender equality for Individuals, Brands, Organisations, Business Entrepreneurs, Leaders & Innovative achievers  from all Sectors be it  Actress/ Actors | Models | Entertainment | Fashion | Bloggers | Fitness | PR | Journalist | Health | Beauty | Designers |Writers | Entrepreneur | Education | Speaker | Corporate | Events  and event Students Under One Roof Celebrating

They  added sponsors and associates are the real stars and its all  their support that makes the event grand success thanking to all our partners Midday, Aajtak, Success Tyres, Navbharat, Soneri Maharashtra, Global Advertising, MM Mithaiwala, Karmveer Sports Club, Lost & Found Organisation, Siddhi Television, Tarunmitra ,  thd live, Hindustan Urdu, Shimmer Entertainment, Shiva’s PR, Naarad PR, Dwapar PR, Dharmishtha’s dairy, Master Of School Media & PR, Nuske, All Rounder Founder, Bonbon, LA Coppera, Asilo Entertainment, Fight Against Criminal, The Pryaas India, Zerozone who propped the show to sensation giving Shout out for next awards show on 23rd October.

Sandeep Mohan’s highly anticipated contemporary drama movie

 ‘Nirmal Anand Ki Puppy’ gears up for a theatrical release

~Based on an urban relationship drama, the film promises a heart-warming experience~~The movie is all set for a release in select theatres from 17th September 2021 across cities~

After treating the audience with engaging films like Hola Venky, Shreelancer and Love, Wrinkle-free, Sandeep Mohan is all set to release yet another marquee film called Nirmal Anand Ki Puppy.A roller coaster ride exploring the nuances of an urban relationshipstarring Karanveer Khullar, Gillian Pinto, Khushboo Upadhyay, Salmin Sheriff and Vipin Heero.The filmis gearing up for a theatrical release from 17th September 2021in select multiplexesacross cities.

The movie is all set to embark on its Pan India journey starting with a screening in Chandigarh on the 17th of September in Cinepolis followed by other screenings in Cinepolis (Janak)New Delhi on 18th September, in Kolkata on 24th September at Cinepolis, Acropolis Mall, inBangalore at Cinepolison 25th September. A series of screenings are also scheduled in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Gurugram, Jaipur, Ambala, Jalandhar, Surat and other cities.

During the screening in each city, animal lovers, animal rescue& shelter groups along with veterinary doctors – the unsung heroes of this pandemic era, will also be specially invited.

The film is unique as it’s scripted by a first-of-its-kind Man-Dog writing duo Sandeep Mohan and his beloved pet dog Hermione.

The film has a background score by Vivek Philip and features songs by Kunal Kundu, Andrew Sloman and Vipin Heero amongst others. The character driven film isProduced by Giju John and Sandeep Mohan along with Associate Producers Francis Varghese and Abhilash Nanda.

Sandeep Mohan
 Khushboo Upadhyay 
Karanveer Khullar
 Gillian Pinto, 

YouTube Trailer Link

Nirmal Anand Ki Puppy, a 100-minute feature film revolving around an urban middle-class family in Mumbai who finds it hard to get their life back on track after the disappearance of their beloved pet from their life. Without the soothing balm of their puppy in their busy and mundane city life, minor irritants that were hitherto ignored in their relationship begin to act up threatening the very foundation of their marriage.

Nirmal Anand Ki Puppy was shot over a period of 21 days and promises a heartwarming experience for its audience.The film had its World Film Festival Premiere at IndoGermanFilmweek-Berlin in July 2019. The film was also screened in various film festivals including the Washington DC Film Festival (DCSAFF) and Jagran Film Festival.

At DCSAFF, the Human-Dog writing duo successfully bagged the Best Screenwriting Award. It also won Best Film (Audience Award) at the Indic Filmotsav.The film has also been screened in San Jose at the prestigious Cinequest Film Festival, in Toronto at the IFFSA Film Festival, in Amsterdam & Sydney at the Lift-Off Film Festival, and various other Film Festivals.

About Director Sandeep Mohan:

Sandeep Mohan is a filmmaker based in Mumbai. His debut feature film “Love, Wrinkle-free” was released theatrically across Indian cities in 2012 as part of the PVR Directors Rare. His second feature film “Hola Venky” has become one of the cultcomedies in India despite not releasing theatrically in India.  With “Hola Venky”, Sandeep had decided to travel with his own Projector and screen his film in various alternative spaces around the world. On the last count, he has screened “Hola Venky” in 92 alternative spaces in India, US and Singapore. He aimed to discover alternative spaces like Cafes, Pubs, Office Spaces, Coworkers Spaces, Colleges, Homes, Art Galleries, etc. and convert them into mini theatres for the duration of the film. Sandeep conducts this screening under what he calls the “The Great Indian Travelling Cinema” experiment. The film had a limited theatrical release in a few cities in US.

Sandeep is also one of the 11 filmmakers who were part of the Rajat Kapoor starrer “X-the Film” by Drishyam Films that released theatrically in 2014 in India.

His last film Shreelancer released in India on the 18th of August 2017. He has recently wrapped up shooting another film starring National Film Award recipient Anjali Patil, popularly known for her roles in movies like Newton and Kaala. The movie is currently in the postproduction stage and is anticipated to release soon. Sandeep lives in Mumbai with his wife and daughter. He has also worked in advertising agencies as a Copywriter and has written for TV too. He is also an avid Badminton player in the Master’s Badminton League having represented Maharashtra State in the 35 plus and 40 plus age group National Badminton Tournaments. He is originally from Trivandrum in Kerala

Anil Kapoor & Kareena Kapoor Cover Couple on Perfect Woman, September Edition

Ahammad MP, Chairman, Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Perfect Woman Magazine

september cover #launch with Most Loved Actors @anilskapoor and @kareenakapoorkhan #brandambassadors of @malabargoldanddiamonds

Yes the Edition is Special revolving round the world of Endorsements so the Coverstory on Beauty Campaign by @malabargoldanddiamonds # MakeWayForTheBride wedding anthem with Anil Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan
As Malabar Gold & Diamonds has raised high with their marvellous 9th edition of its Brides of India campaign with a special wedding theme song titled # MakeWayForTheBride which depicts the grand entry of brides, with the feature of indo-western weddings. The wedding anthem, released in an aesthetically shot 3-minute video that has already garnered two million views on social media platforms within the first forty eight hours, features celebrity brand ambassadors of Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Anil Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor along with brides from diverse regions of the country. The idea of Wedding Anthem is itself a revolution for Indian weddings here this edition Ahammed MP, Chairman, Malabar Gold & Diamonds shared his journey of pioneering campaign with @perfectwomanpublication #perfectwomanmagazine @dr.geetsthakkar and that’s not the just Cover Story the Special Edition has 20 Bollywood Endorsement Queens

perfectwomanteam #perfectwoman #coverlaunch #september #edition #issuelaunch #anilkapoor #kareenakapoor #malabar #malabargoldanddiamonds #makewayforthebride #campain #morestories #readon #fashion & #lifestyle #health & #fitness #fashion & #beauty

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