Kolkata based couture brand KALIGHATA’s bridal collection takes you to artisanal haven

Kolkata based couture brand KALIGHATA’s bridal collection takes you to artisanal haven

Their recent collection – ZARDOZ beholds the beauty of nature. Kalighata has aimed to enhance the charm of fine Indian craft and the modern quintessence of feeling confident in our skin. Natural and free-spirited silhouettes, prints, and handcrafted textures in hues representing festivity have been fused to give you this divine Indian modern collection.

Additionally, do let me know if you would like to work on interviews/features on the following:-

  1. Maximalism for Fall/Winter 2022
  2. TikTok trends and their associated sales bump
  3. The future, pauperism and primitivism 
  4. NFTs, video games and virtual experiences that offer other means of telling stories.
  5. Create a unified, seamless and immersive experience
  6. Broadening of Fashion’s pop culture appeal
  7. Digitally integrated supply chain that lets a brand rapidly respond to trends surfacing on social media
  8. Promote better materials, low-waste designs and transparent partnership.
  9. Navigating the return of wholesale
  10. Conspicuous consumption vs conscious consumption
  11. Homegrown labels promoting better materials, low-waste designs, and transparent partnership
  12. Ubiquity & Exclusivity
  13. Exhibitionist Post-Pandemic fashion
  14. Direct-to-consumer success and social media fluency
  15. Does modern fashion give more space for diversity or erase one’s uniqueness?
  16. Brands with fashion week credentials that tackle political news, feminism, and mental health in earnest
  17. Fashion’s new lexicon – Community and Style
  18. The onset of MASSTIGE brands in Indian couture
  19. Luxury brands and the orchestration of blockbuster collaborations
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