‘ Kirtan Range Indurikar Maharajansange ‘ to air on Shemaroo’s Marathibana channel

‘ Kirtan Range Indurikar Maharajansange ‘ to air on Shemaroo’s Marathibana channel

Shemaru Marathi Bana Vahini has always been trying to give innovative programs while preserving the heritage of Marathi culture. Maintaining this tradition , combining devotion and entertainment, Vahini popular kirtankar HBP Shri. Indurikar Maharaj’s special kirtan program ‘ Kirtan Range Indurikar Maharaj Sange ‘ It is being brought to the audience from 13th February .

Kirtankar H.B.P. Shri. Indurikar Maharaj is famous for his humorous style of kirtan. The effect is better if it is said in a humorous way than directly criticizing something , using this technique in each of his kirtans, he comments on many social issues in a mischievous style. Due to the unique combination of devotion and entertainment , his kirtan programs draw crowds all over Maharashtra due to his study style , effective style of speaking , accent of rural language , humor. In order for your viewers to get this joy at home, Shemaru Marathibana channel has launched ‘ Kirtan Range , with Indurikar Maharaj ‘. Through this program, a feast of their popular kirtan has been brought to the audience. Sunday 13th February at 7.00 pm Or. It is 10.00 pm. Special episodes will be on view from 14th to 19th February at 7.00 pm. You will be able to enjoy the popular kirtan of HBP Shri. Indurikar Maharaj.

To this day , many kirtankars have narrated stories based on stories , jokes and daily happenings . Renowned kirtankar HBP Shri. The peculiarity of Indurikar Maharaj’s kirtan is that he achieves both Anjan and Ranjan from his narration by giving sarcastic comments about the situation by referring to the current events.

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