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“Your Body Is Fashion’s Ultimate Accessory And You Are Your Canvas”… Anjali Rao

Anjali Rao – Digital Covergirl “Perfect Woman” Magazine

“Your Body Is Fashion’s Ultimate Accessory And You Are Your Canvas”… Anjali Rao

Anjali Rao An ambitious firefly Perfect Woman all set to take the flight of her dreams with Over 14 years of experience in responsible for planning, creating, editing, proof-reading and publishing information on websites/ magazine production, commercial television, event management, online marketing, she is a doting daughter, grateful wife and a loving super mom and perfect beauty queen, a part from pageant industry she is a Project Manager by profession working for Wipro. She started her career with Air Deccan as cabin crew, worked for Zee Kannada as news-caster, relocated to Singapore and excelled in Journalism and Mass Communication. A creative person by nature is all set to share her journey with Perfect Woman.

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Define Anjali Rao

I’m fiercely independent, and I’m ambitious. I resonate with Audrey Hepburn’s quote: I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.

How did you prepare for the Mrs India Earth & Mrs United Nations pageant?

I started with brushing up my guitar skills for the talent round. I also worked hard towards my fitness and learning the art of make up! I also met several people and made an effort to talk to them in order to develop strong confidence and a better sense of whom I am. I learned how to network and develop social skills that took me beyond my comfort zone. Managing a kid and a full time job, I would stay up late into the night to read up on current affairs and I did a lot of research. Beauty pageants look for intelligence and personality too and not just beauty. I feel women are wired to be multi-taskers. My profession too has taught me the small skills that I need to prepare for this pageant

You were amazing as Mrs United Nations Charity 2022. Do you feel beauty pageant gives you the opportunity to grow?

Pageants open career doors, provide an opportunity for community service, develop confidence and communication skills, and are fun.Beauty pageants give us a platform to acknowledge our beauty, knowledge, and skills in front of the world. It also emphasizes to women that beauty isn’t everything, it’s about grace and who you are on the inside.

How has the journey been till now?

My pageant journey started with Mrs India Earth 2019. It has proved to be the greatest self-discovery and personal growth has come to me by pageantry in understanding my fears and facing them head on. It has helped me to develop my personality and build self-confidence. This experience has taught me self- discipline, how to set boundaries, and the importance of trying to accomplish things.The past 3 years have been delicious and serendipitous, and at times, really hard.

Since winning the titles, I have been busy with multiple projects, fashion shows, calendar shoots. The journey has just begun!

Do you think women can have a career and also a family?

It’s a fallacy to think that as a woman, you have to choose between a career or your home life – that it’s a black or white, all or nothing. You are made for more than that. There is third way, a golden middle ground, in which you can have both a fulfilling career and a healthy and happy life.

What celebrity do you idolize?

Sushmita Sen – winner of Miss Universe pageant 1994. It is the beauty of her heart that is more appealing than her outer charm

She was one among other gorgeous actresses until I came across a video of her speech in the “Save and Empower Girl Child” Fashion Show. Her graceful words seemed so powerful to me. She said ‘You cannot change the world but you change one soul, you change one thought …’

She is a single mother who has adopted two cute little lovely girls, Renee and Alisah. She stood by her thoughts and words.

What is your fashion advice to teens or youngsters who wish to grow up to be like Anjali Rao?

Your body is fashion’s ultimate accessory and you are your canvas. Discover your style! Think about what you love to wear, what colours and patterns you like. Conceal insecurities and find clothes that complement your body type, Dress in a way you wish to be perceived. Always remember – be comfortable in your skin.The key to developing your style is also following your instincts

Are you a brand conscious person?

No. I don’t think that wearing or using only branded things changes anything, what matters to me most is my comfort. I do indulge in customized items, be it clothing, accessories etc.

Where will we see Anjali Rao next?

There a plethora of opportunities coming my way and I can’t thank the universe enough for that. I will be walking the ramp as the show-stopper in the upcoming fashion-shows, new projects in the pipeline too! Watch me closely

Your message for Perfect Woman Magazine.
The fashion landscape is changing, similarly magazines too are becoming increasingly digital. Many thanks to the amazing and incredibly hardworking team at PW Magazine for helping us navigate the many fashion choices out there.

Your Message for Perfect Woman Readers.

All of you who love fashion and beauty keep reading and stay informed on the latest news and trends, and to be your best selves. Ladies! You don’t want to miss out on this one.

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Anjali Rao: A self-proclaimed fitness addict, a believer that “good living produces good writing,” Anjali works hard and plays harder with both her family and her toddler. Anjali has represented the state of Karnataka at the Mrs India Earth 2019 pageant and bagged the coveted title, ‘Mrs India Earth 2019- Face of South’. She went on to participate in the Mrs United Nations Pageants and emerged as the winner of ‘Mrs United Nations Charity 2022.

Anjali not only conceptualised and customised her outfits but also hand-made exclusive accessories to match them. She has handmade headdress with delicate details that adds inspiration to any evening gown. All made out of easily available items like zip ties, rhinestones, hairbands, curtains, she has set out to prove that there are no limits to creativity.

She is also an active volunteer at Autism schools, helped and donated to Government schools in Bangalore. She loves conducting Mass Plantation Drives with School children to teach them about Environment and importance of tree plantation. While she is not doing community service, you will find her creating video content for her Instagram or promoting events with a worthy cause as brand ambassador.

Anjali wants to show women that being a mom does not close the door to fulfilling their dreams. Women are capable of being a wonderful mother, being successful in their careers, and also accomplishing their dreams. She advocates the importance of never giving up on your dreams and goals.


Follow your passion and dreams.. Never give up!

5 things you have learnt from Fashion/Pageantry:

1.   Pageantry has taught me about living a well-lived life. Pageantry gives you the opportunity to network with numerous organizations and work with them, help them spread the awareness and much more!

  • Following your dreams can be uncomfortable but very satisfying

3.   People will judge you. 

In beauty pageants, people are paid to judge you. You get a score. Life is a lot like that too! People are constantly scoring and judging you – for your fitness, for your decisions, for your parenting everything! We must learn to take it with a pinch of salt as constructive criticism and build a better version of ourselves.

  • Envy is a real thing. People will say, “hey, stop exercising so much, do you want to look skinny and ugly?”  or “Are you neglecting your family?” this all comes out of jealousy or envy. Learn to not let the negativity get to you.

  • Adapting to the situation – At times things will not go as planned. You may
    get sick, your gown rips or your interview shoe breaks. The show must go on and you will quickly learn how to adapt in many situations and keep moving. Problem solving skills are a part of any pageant and so is creativity! 

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