Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa to make their fiction debut with Favvara Chowk

Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa to make their fiction debut with Favvara Chowk

After foraying into the non-fiction genre with several standup comedy shows and as hosts of reality shows, comedienne, Bharti Singh and her husband, writer Haarsh Limbachiyaa, are all set to dabble in the fiction space with the comedy show, Favvara Chowk. Interestingly, Bharti, who is known for her energetic performances and punches, will be seen as a statue on the show. She shares, “A statue wearing a sari! Can you believe that Haarsh has written the character for me?” 

She adds, “On a serious note, his idea was to present me in a different way. It’s a pivotal character and I play Favvara Devi. I will talk about the goings-on at the chowk and will introduce the topic for the episode in the beginning and give a glimpse of the next one at the end. Playing this character will be difficult, as I have to act just with my face as I am a putla. But it’s going to be fun!”

Haarsh, too, will act in the show. He shares, “The show revolves around the shopkeepers working at the chowk. I play a con man, Pappi Faraar, who creates problems and confusion mostly. The characters in the show are unique and relatable. Nothing about it is over the top.”
Now that she has entered the world of fiction, will Bharti like to play a quintessential bahu? She answers, “I am a typical bahu in real life (smiles).”

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