Arm ​c​andy ​g​ets a ​n​ew ​m​eaning ​w​ith Tiger Marrón x Nitya Arora’s ​n​ew ​li​​ne of ​l​eather ​b​ags

Arm ​c​andy ​g​ets a ​n​ew ​m​eaning ​w​ith Tiger Marrón x Nitya Arora’s ​n​ew ​li​​ne of ​l​eather ​b​ags

A study in light, color, and form. Created in studio with a collection of damaged lenses that I’ve acquired over the years. Each is available as a 18×24 inch giclee print on archival paper.

Inspired by the seascapes and nature, the range features everything a handbag wardrobe needs. From belt-bags to minis and totes, the colours inject fun with each design. Choose from a wide range of styles from belt bags like Sea La Vie, Salt Bae, Candy Horn Shell and Miss Mermaid to totes like The Iconic, Bahama Mama and High Tide, among others, there’s something for everyone whether you’re 18 or 80 years old. The best part? All of Tiger Marrón leather accessories can be personalised. Whether you’re looking to give a gift to someone or just want to feel special yourself, you can make a purchase, personal and memorable with their customisation services. 

These tiny bags can also be layered with one another. For instance, one can hook the Miss Mermaid belt bag onto their Salt Bae belt bag to make a statement, as they can be styled across the body or hung with a wristlet strap on the arm. The eye-catching, shapely and various style icons approved accessories at Tiger Marrón are the perfect grab-ons for the chromatic summer of your dreams. Scroll through their website to take your favourite pick. 

Arm ​c​andy ​g​ets a ​n​ew ​m​eaning ​w​ith Tiger Marrón x Nitya Arora’s ​n​ew ​li​​ne of ​l​eather ​b​ags

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