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“Perfect Woman” is an Indian fashion and lifestyle magazine owned by Dr Khooshi Gurubhai founded in the start of 2011 January first published edition with Actress and Style Icon Sonam Kapoor Ahuja as the cover girl with great acclamation. Dr. Khooshi Gurubhai is the editor and publisher in support with her husband MD. Mr. Gurubhai Thakkar and chief editor Dr Geet S Thakkar. It is made for the women of today who are strong minded, assertive, tenacious and talented. It is branched out of Perfect Media House, an organization devoted to glamour and entertainment industry apart from film production and social work. This magazine has witnessed fruitful innings in the last 11 years, since it came into being. Through our magazine we connect with women of all age group and cater to every theirs .
“Perfect Woman” is a Fashion and Lifestyle magazine with content on Fashion, Beauty, Fitness, Lifestyle, Work, Food, Relationship, Travel, Service industry . It also has content from Bollywood, Hollywood, Television, Sports, Politics, Entrepreneurs, Social Workers, NGO’s and even Girls/ Woman from the Art field like Painting, Craft and Cooking.

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