26/11 feature

26/11 feature

The terror attack of 26/11 is completing 14 years. It seems as if it was just yesterday. Since you’re living in Mumbai and have a career here. Do you feel safe in Mumbai or not? If you can recollect/remember How the incident impacted your thoughts? Do you think Mumbai needs more security? You travel to so many places from malls to theatres to hotels. Last month there was a news of Bomb scare in malls and How would you react to it?

Subuhii Joshii
I feel completely safe in Mumbai. Bomb scare and such things are there in every state/city/Country. We had a new news of bomb scare in Mumbai in malls. But no city should be blamed for this, it’s the people who make these threats. I personally don’t believe that Mumbai is scary. I’ve got all my dreams come true here. This duty has given me a lot. I work here. When we think about the 26/11 incident, it is very scary and frightening. I wish it wouldn’t happen ever again. I was also scared when the announcement was made for bomb threats. But as we say, life goes on. Even after such a big incident, Bombay never stopped. So this is how we should move on in life and shouldn’t be scared to live.

Namita Lal
I personally don’t feel any fear, especially in Mumbai. Not at all. I think it is a very safe and happening city. The city is always on the move. I travel a lot within Mumbai and across India and I think I feel safest in Mumbai because not only are the people lovely but they’re also looking out for each other. One event like what happened on 26/11, that can happen anywhere in the world. It’s all your destiny to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. But otherwise, overall, this is a lovely city. It’s a live, organic city and I have just relocated here after being abroad for almost 20+ years. I just love being here and interacting with people here is very safe.

Hiten Paintal
I absolutely remember it so clearly. It was such a horrific day for us in Mumbai and for the entire India because this terror attack was absolutely not expected. It was horrible. I remember I was at an office, to discuss my contract and sign it. We were in the room and suddenly from the living room we heard this noise! And we ran outside to see and on Television they were showing the terrorist attack and it was so heart breaking. First 15-20 minutes we were standing shocked and I didn’t know how to react. I couldn’t believe what was happening. And after that I was so angry that I literally wanted to just go and tell the cops to give me the guns and let me go inside. I was ready to die for my country. It was so heartbreaking. I think I have never been that angry in my life.

Pranitaa Pandit
I can’t believe it has been 14 years since that day. It was crazy. I was not in Bombay that day but my flatmate and some friends were at my flat, that particular day. I remember I was travelling, I was in Bangkok and I was having breakfast and I saw the live footage of the whole attack and I remember calling up my friends. There was so much havoc . They were scared and they didn’t know if they should go back home or stay at my place. I still feel that Mumbai needs more security. I feel Mumbai Police does a good job when it comes to security but at the same time from Mall to theatres to Hotels, I just feel we always need to have our guards up.

Aniruddh Dave
26/11 has been a tragic event and many people have lost their lives. I salute our military and Mumbai police force who handled that situation so well. I am thankful to the para military forces as because of them within a few hours the situation was under control. Today also when you go to the GateWay Of India, you can feel that vibe. Seeing the Taj and the sea in front of it makes me remember the 26/11 attack. That time I remember we were doing a show and I got a message from Sriti Jha asking if everyone was safe. Yes, hearing about such attacks makes you feel scared but Mumbai is secured because of good police force. I would like to say that if you go somewhere out and see any suspicious person then you must inform the police and be alert.

Sudhanshu Pandey

26/11 happened many years ago. But it seems like it was yesterday, I watched the film Hotel Mumbai and it did affect me. Mumbai as a city is safe. I have seen people help others, and the vibe of the city is very accommodating to everyone who has a dream and has a heart. Security in Mumbai is good but maybe can be tightened a bit. I feel safe in Mumbai, it has given me everything.

Ishaan Singh Manhas

I am from Delhi and Mumbai accepted me as I am having a career here. I feel quite safe here, 26/11 was very unfortunate. The memories of destruction are very much alive in my mind. I hope it never gets repeated. Rumors here spread very fast thanks to social media, people should not substantiate rumors of a bomb scare or blasts.

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