Animeta Signs SIT, Social Media’s OG Story-tellers To Their Starmaker Program

Animeta Signs SIT, Social Media’s OG Story-tellers To Their Starmaker Program

Starmaker program brings together a suite of business solutions paired with Animeta’s proprietary Tech-AI enabled tools that aid content strategy, to unleash bespoke creative-content, and monetization linked opportunities. 

Long before seeking trends to make videos on social media was a thing, Mohit Hussein and Chhavi Mittal, the founders of SIT – or ‘Shitty Ideas Trending’, already identified the immense power of providing relatable entertainment and connecting with a digital community of viewers. The husband-wife duo left their well-established careers in TV to start their own content brand and found their sweet-spot in creating various web-series and sketches in the relationship-based comedy space. Today, with over 8M loyal followers, and close to 4B views already under their belt, SIT has established itself as a popular social video brand, well known for its hilarious comedy, one-liners and quips, and some highly loved characters, played by well-known actors from the TV industry. With more than 200 of their videos crossing 5M views and another 250 with over a million views, SIT is well respected in the industry for their consistent quality. Mohit who both writes and directs all the videos, however feels, that this just the start! “I am at core a story-teller and an ideas person, who has grown over time, a reasonably strong understanding of what resonates well with our audience.” He adds: “There is so much more that we as SIT would love to create for them, in the form of more stories, new characters, exploring different formats and platforms. But often managing the business and operational side of things takes up a lot of our core team’s bandwidth. This is exactly where we found Animeta’s starmaker offerings to be a perfect fit, bringing the right complementary strengths.”Devdatta Potnis, CEO, Animeta, says: “Starmaker is a first of its kind program that aims to help creators derive the maximum value out of their overall creative output. It starts with helping them build their content strategy and the actual creative ideation, in a more intuitive and data informed way. Some of the AI-tech enabled solutions that we are building in-house, are designed to spark fresh creativity, while the creators also get access to a dedicated team that provides regular publishing and content optimization support.” Commenting on the association with SIT, he adds: ” Onboarding SIT is indeed a big moment for the team. Chhavi and Mohit are true pioneers in the digital entertainment landscape of India, and an inspiration for many others. Our collaboration signifies a powerful synergy between two forces driving the evolution of digital entertainment, and we are excited about the limitless possibilities we are ready to explore”Animeta has introduced a new licensing approach in the Indian creator ecosystem, that enables them to grow creator revenue through syndication as well, across digital and linear mediums, and in some cases, by localizing a creator’s content for a new audience. There are plans of launching SIT content in several new languages, too. Telugu, Tamil, and Bahasa to begin with. Chhavi, who acts often in SIT’s videos, says: “The cast will surely have some good laughs listening to our voices dubbed in different languages. On a more serious note, the best part of social media for us, is the community we are able to build through our content. The prospect of connecting with whole new language based audiences, is surely going to be a wonderful experience that I am greatly looking forward to!”Biswamitra Ray, head of Branded Content and IPs at Animeta, says: “Brands are always on the lookout for content partners who have a deep connect with their audience and can drive endorsement in a seamless and entertaining way. SIT’s creative storylines and a well defined character universe, present a strong potential for impactful brand integrations, as well as building dedicated series-based IPs.” This collaboration between Animeta and SIT marks a significant milestone in the digital entertainment industry. Animeta, a Singapore-based Creator Tech company, is focused on nurturing digital creators by helping them grow their communities and maximize their earnings through the proprietary Animeta™ AI-based Creator Tech platform.


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