Nikkita Ghag’s Revelation about the Casting Couch: A Call to Action Against Harassment in the Film Industry |Perfect Woman MAGAZINE

Nikkita Ghag’s Revelation about the Casting Couch: A Call to Action Against Harassment in the Film Industry |Perfect Woman MAGAZINE

Nikkita Ghag, a well-known supermodel and actress, has been making waves on social media not just for her bold photoshoots and videos, but also for her recent short film ‘Anandi’ released on Disney Plus Hotstar. However, she has also been in the spotlight for a different reason – her courageous disclosure about the prevalent issue of Casting Couch in the Bollywood film industry.

As a vocal advocate against animal cruelty and violence towards women, Ghag has not shied away from speaking up about her own experience with Casting Couch. She has come forward to expose the truth behind this common practice in the industry, revealing that even supermodels are not immune to it.

Ghag has promised to reveal the identities of two to three prominent figures involved in Casting Couch. In a recent interview, she disclosed how she was approached by a casting director who demanded sexual favors in exchange for a role, masquerading it under the guise of a look test or an audition. Ghag has taken it upon herself to take a stand against such predatory behavior and raise awareness on social media about these individuals.

In a city like Mumbai, many aspiring female models and actresses fall victim to Casting Couch. Ghag understands the difficulty of navigating through this complicated industry and the pressures of wanting to succeed. However, she strongly believes in speaking out against such wrongdoings and encouraging others to do the same.

It is important to note that talent should never be compromised for the sake of success. The casting couch not only undermines one’s abilities but also perpetuates a toxic culture of harassment and abuse in the film industry. By exposing those who engage in such behavior, Ghag hopes to prevent future instances of Casting Couch and provide a safer working environment for all women in the industry.


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