Summers are here and these Celebs tell us how to beat the heat! PERFECT WOMAM MAGAZINE

Summers are here and these Celebs tell us how to beat the heat! PERFECT WOMAM MAGAZINE

Here’s your summer to-do list!

Rishina Kandhari

I go swimming during the summers to beat the heat. I make sure to drink a lot of water to keep myself hydrated and even have a lot of seasonal fruits. Other than that, I suggest everyone to use refreshing face masks, condition hair,  skin and nails well, use sunscreen whenever you go out of the house and deodorise yourself. The things you should avoid is eating fried food and avoiding going out in the heat, even if you are going out make sure that you use sunscreen well.Simaran Kaur

I eat fruits like watermelons, muskmelons, have buttermilk and a lot of water with soaked basil seeds and chia seeds. I avoid eating oily stuff and have almost no hot spices in my food. I have one day of the week as my detox day. Apart from that, I always apply sunscreen lotion whenever I go out and also after removing my makeup I apply an ice pack.Akash Sharma

I have a habit of drinking a lot of water, be it summer or winter. I am always hydrated. But in summers, I especially eat fruits like watermelons, muskmelons etc. Other than that, I even have chaas and coconut water. What I avoid in summer is going out in the heat, so I am mostly at home until and unless I have something really important to do. And if I really have to go out, I wear a cap.Charrul Malik

Think of the summer and you visualize hotness all around. Summers generally dehydrate everything including the human body. Heat strokes, exhaustion, skin breakout, indigestion are common symptoms to be associated with. The key to summers is to keep our body hydrated, have lots of water, liquids such as buttermilk, aam panna, lassi etc. Have lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables like watermelon, orange etc. Try to have more salads during any meal and wear light cotton clothes to keep your body cool. The don’ts are to avoid wearing synthetic clothes. Don’t have heavy, spicy or oily foods, etc 

Monika Singh 

Summers are here, and my go to summer mantra is to stay hydrated, go easy breezy when it comes to clothes, choose breathable fabrics, flaunt your Kala Chashma and keep your head cool. There are 3 to 4 ways you can beat the heat. First, you need to be hydrated, second, you have to apply sunscreen, wear light colours in summer as they won’t absorb the sun rays. So, these are the things I do to beat the heat. I avoid eating oily food and mostly eat salad and have shakes and juices. So, throughout the day I am hydrated plus I am getting all the nutrition which is required. One more thing is that I do not go out without applying sunscreen, always carry water, drink lots of coconut water and avoid wearing dark colours. 


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