Sapnon Ki Chhalaang actor Kashish Duggal:  I believe there cannot be any comparison between two people and their situations

Sapnon Ki Chhalaang actor Kashish Duggal:  I believe there cannot be any comparison between two people and their situations

The new show Sapnon Ki Chhalaang is in the news. Actor Kashish Duggal, who plays Suman Yadav, is excited to be a part of the fiction that is being produced by Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot’s Invictus T Mediaworks.

“The title of the show is very significant. It’s only after you have stepped out of your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow and transform. That’s chhalaang for me, a step forward towards fulfilling your dreams,” she says.

Suman, her character, is a graduate and homemaker.  She wanted to become a teacher but her aspirations were suppressed. “In the process she lost herself somewhere in bringing up her kids and looking after the family. But, the pain of not being able to fulfil her dreams persists somewhere deep down. I personally don’t resonate much with the character as I was lucky enough to be able to pursue my dreams,” she adds.

The actor shares that a lot of hard work went in to bag the part and then become the character. “From several auditions, mock shoots, readings, rehearsals to reshoots, I had done it all. I also had to work really hard on the diction and dialect as it’s a story of Jhansi and we were expected to speak Bundelkhandi, which I had never tried before. I enjoy such challenges,” she says.

Praising Nilanjana and Herumb, she shares that working with them has been great. “I haven’t yet come across such producers who are personally available for the smallest of things. So much effort was put into sculpting each character so beautifully that there were hardly any doubts. There is such a positive and friendly vibe on set that it can only create magic. I feel fortunate to be associated with them (smiles).”

The show highlights the aspirations and values of the youth in small towns. Sharing her aspirations, the actor adds, “I have always aspired to improve myself, become a better version of my own self each day, both as a human and as a performer. Being the youngest and the most protected child of the family to shifting my base from Delhi to Mumbai alone with the support of my family for better opportunities, was my biggest chhalaang!”

On how she keeps herself motivated, she says that she is very optimistic in life. “I believe that there cannot be any comparison between two people and their situations. Just like the Sun and the Moon, each shining when it’s their time. So, just keep working harder,” she adds.

Kashish’s mentor and guide is her father, while her greatest critic is her mother. “He discovered my creativity, he’s the reason I am here. He motivated me to pursue my dreams even if it was away, in another city. My tribe, the women of my family, all of them are living their dreams. Every morning I wake up with gratitude and motivation to be the best version of myself,” she continues, “On the other hand, my mother is my greatest critic. She doesn’t think a bit before criticising if she thinks I am capable of doing better, and which she often does which encourages me to push my limits to do the best. I’m blessed (smiles again).”

The entertainment industry is evolving. And the best thing about it, according to Kashish, “I was born to do what I do. I’m evolving with the times and the industry as I’ll be a part of it always. It’s a boon for me.”


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