Ritika Shrotri’s romantic prediction in ‘Sari’

Ritika Shrotri’s romantic prediction in ‘Sari’

Actress Ritika Shrotri, who has reached homes through many films. She has created a distinct identity for herself due to the uncompromising and fearless roles she has played so far. But in the movie ‘Sari’ Ritika Shrotri will be seen in a different role and this is a very different role from her previous role. The audience will surely like this prediction of Sojwal, scholar and romantic ‘Diya’!

About her role, Ritika Shrotri says, “Playing the role of Diya in Saree was a satisfying experience for me. Because in all my earlier films I have played extroverted roles. In which I looked very unconcerned. What those girls feel, they express strongly. But in this film, there is Diya, who feels a lot, has a lot to say, but because she is an introvert, she cannot express her feelings. So playing this character is a very different and beautiful experience for me.”

Presented by Kanrus Productions, Dr. Produced by Suresh Nagpal, Akash Nagpal, this film is written and compiled by the director of southern cinema, Ashoka K. S. ‘Sari’ has Ritika Shrotri along with Ajinkya Raut, Prithvi Amber and Mrinal Kulkarni in lead roles. ‘Sari’ will be released in theaters on May 5.


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