Rishina Kandhari goes on a short trip with the cast of Na Umra Ki Seema Ho!

Rishina Kandhari goes on a short trip with the cast of Na Umra Ki Seema Ho!

As soon as actress Rishina Kandhari got to know that the cast of her show Na Umra ki Seema Ho has some time off, she planned a trip to Igatpuri for everyone. 

“The moment I got to know that there was a unit off, I asked all my co-actors if they would like to go on a picnic. A few agreed and we instantly made a plan and went to Igatpuri which is only a three-hour drive from Mumbai,” she says.

Talking about her experience, she adds, “I went with Jinal Jain, Vandana Rao, Swati Tarar, Ram Shankar Singh. We indulged in swimming, rain dance, pottery and even went for a small trek to a nearby dam. We played cricket and other arcade games, and ate a lot of yummy food. Short breaks are very important to rejuvenate to break your mundane lifestyle. We work 8am to 10 pm almost every day and sometimes it makes you dull. Taking short breaks to refresh your mind breaks the monotonous routine.”


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