Pritha Bakshi REVEALS how her fitness regime helped her in shooting for Virodh in MX Player

 Pritha Bakshi REVEALS how her fitness regime helped her in shooting for Virodh in MX Player

Pritha Bakshi has captured the hearts of many with her remarkable performance as Kajri in the recently released crime thriller Virodh on MX Player. Pritha’s passion for fitness proved to be a valuable asset during the shooting of Virodh. She received additional training in Delhi for the series, which helped her execute the action sequences effortlessly.

As a fitness enthusiast, Pritha regularly participates in various activities such as tennis, badminton, running, and yoga, maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A trained yoga instructor, she practices solely for herself. Her fitness routine and healthy lifestyle ensured she was physically and mentally prepared for the demanding shoot schedule, adding authenticity to her portrayal of Kajri who is a young sportswoman facing numerous challenges in the series.

Sharing how her fitness journey helped during the intense shooting sequences in Virodh, Pritha said, “Fitness is a significant part of my life, and it brings me a lot of happiness. Even though shooting as a sport might not be as physically demanding as some other sports, it requires patience and mental balance, much like high-intensity workouts. This connection between shooting and fitness is what helped me prepare for my role. If you are not calm and focused, you cannot aim correctly in shooting, which is similar to how you must maintain composure and mental balance during a challenging workout.”

The MX Original series ‘Virodh’ follows the story of Kajri (played by Pritha Bakshi), a young sportswoman whose life is turned upside down after the brutal murder of her father and brother. Fighting the odds of life with her mother, Kajri finds herself at the mercy of her ruthless uncle Brijbhan, who takes over the family’s business and plans to marry her off to Vishesh, the son of a powerful local politician. Defying Brijban’s plans, Kajri elopes with her high school sweetheart Gagan a.k.a Gogi (played by Abhinav Ranga), a javelin throw enthusiast, hoping to build a life together away from the violence and corruption that surrounds them. But their happiness is short-lived as Brijbhan retaliates by killing Gogi’s family, forcing Kajri to make a difficult choice. In a desperate attempt to save Gogi’s life, Kajri offers to marry Vishesh, but their wedding night turns into a bloodbath as a violent shootout erupts. On the run from Brijbhan and his henchmen, can Kajri and Gogi survive the dangerous world they find themselves in?

Directed and Created by Rahul Dahiya, the 7 episodic series also stars Ashish Nehra, Manoj Rathi, Jaspal Kaur, Deepak Kapoor, Geetanjali Mishra, Rajbeer Singh, Vickey, Bhavana, and Simran.

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