Marathas’ infinite bravery will be seen in ‘Baloch’

Marathas’ infinite bravery will be seen in ‘Baloch’

After the defeat of Panipat, the film ‘Baloch’, which depicts the Marathas who were enslaved in Balochistan and the terrible reality there, is all set to release on May 5. Directed by Prakash Janardhan Pawar, this film tells the story of the victory of the Marathas who fought across the border and is produced by Vishwagunj Pictures and Kirti Varadkar. Recently, the motion poster of this film has been released on social media.

The defeat of Panipat was a great disaster for the Marathas. After this defeat Marathas had to accept slavery in Balochistan. In the motion poster, Praveen Tarde’s eyes show burning fire and revenge against the treatment Marathas receive while the oppressor of the Marathas is an Afghani. Although the battle and defeat of Panipat was a dark day for the Maratha empire, Marathi is the saga of the infinite bravery of the Marathas, which will come before us through ‘Baloch’.

Director Prakash Janardhan Pawar says about the film, “Baloch is a positive thing. We have heard about Panipat before, it is only about defeat. But after the battle of Panipat, when in a state of slavery, reunification, struggle, is mainly shown. The battle of Panipat was not a defeat but a valor. I hope the audience will feel this pride after watching this film and will change the way they look at Panipat.”

The story, screenplay is by Prakash Janardhan Pawar and Mahesh Karvande (Nikam), Jeevan Jadhav, Ganesh Shinde, Dutta Kale (DK), Jitesh More, Santosh Bali Bhongle, Nemaram Chaudhary, Bablu Zende, Ganesh Kharpude, Gyanesh Gaikwad are the producers of the film. While Pallavi Vitthal Bandgar, Sudhir Waghole, Vijay Aldar are the co-producers.

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