Actress Simaran Kaur speaks about her latest music video titled Sharminda

Actress Simaran Kaur speaks about her latest music video titled Sharminda

Actress Simaran Kaur, who is famous for her voice of Nobita, and whom we have seen on television in shows like Aggar Tum Na Hote, anchored pro Kabaddi League and travel show India’s Best Resorts, is currently seen in a beautifully shot music video Sharminda. Speaking more on the song she says, “Sharminda is a music video which is about heartbreak . The guy cheats on the girl and later the girl confronts him . It is a very heart-wrenching and touching song . The production and platform of the song is United White Flag. Director is Mr. Ramji Gulati who is a well-known name in the industry. It was great working with the team. We went to Thailand to shoot this song and shot at beautiful locations in Pattaya.” Sharing the initial feedback of Sharminda she adds, “I am getting such a great response for this music video, very happy for that.  I’m getting a lot of appreciation for my acting and performance and fans are really liking my expressions in the song. On social media, I’m getting a lot of messages from all my fans saying that they got really emotional after watching the song so I think if people are getting connected by your performance and the song is touching the right chords, that’s the best compliment.  I have shot two more music videos . Shooting is completed and they will also get released very soon.” 

So what according to you is a good music video? “Firstly the melody and then how aesthetically it has been shot and how well the song can connect with the audience. As an actor I am getting an opportunity to showcase my skill in a different medium, the more I will explore myself the more I will evolve as an actor.”


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