Mrs Payal Thakkar | Contestant Of Perfect Mrs India 2023

Tell Us Something About You.
Hello! My name is Payal a working professional. I enjoy various activities outside of work, such as travelling, vibing to music, partying, singing, etc.

Mrs Payal Thakkar

What is self-harmony?
Self-harmony means to choose living by embracing all the elements of your character. It is necessary for the development, fulfilment, and overall happiness of an individual. However, it might come with its share of difficulties.

Mrs Payal Thakkar

Do you have any hidden talent?
I believe that every person has some talents that they know about but do not encounter. It’s just about waiting for the right time to discover them. So yes I would like to acknowledge that I have some hidden talents.

Mrs Payal Thakkar

We, humans, are always in search of happiness, can you say what real happiness is?
Real happiness can’t be described in mere words of an answer. People have a different perspective towards life. Self-love can be happiness. Being with people you love can be happiness. Minor or massive happiness is always at its best.
It’s better to enjoy the happiness you get than to wait for something called real happiness.

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