Ravi Bhagchandka’s 200 NOTOUT rolls out slate | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Ravi Bhagchandka’s 200 NOTOUT rolls out slate | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Ravi Bhagchandka who produced the film Sachin – A Billion Dreams is ready for many more offerings at the turnstiles. Ravi who is an avid golfer is teeing off with the film Champions, with Aamir Khan and Sony Pictures as producers alongside him. He also has a film adaptation of George McCutcheon’s 1902 book, Brewster’s Millions in the works. “We have already examined various drafts of the script; it’s shaping up well and we should be able to kick that off soon. Apart from this, we are planning a political thriller web series based on one of Ashwin Sanghi’s best-selling books. In the pipeline is another riveting film adaptation of the Argentinian bestseller novel, All Yours. This film is a co-production with Sagarika Ghatge Khan and is set to be directed by Kanishk Varma of Inside Edge series fame. Besides this, we are also making a couple of entertaining sports-based reality shows which are in very nascent stages and a sports biopic that is sure to hit it out of the park!” reveals Ravi.

Ravi’s passion and commitment comes from being a sports professional for a decade and a half. A fan of Sachin Tendulkar since childhood, Ravi made a one-of-a-kind documentary, on the cricketing legend, which had an iconic theatrical release. Ravi’s admiration for Sachin is so much that even his film company is called 200 NOTOUT. “Our production 200 NOTOUT is dedicated to Sachin’s highest score in the ODI. At that time, he was the only one to score a double ton, a feat that was almost unachievable! It was one of those moments that we thought would never happen again,” Ravi stumps us with his answer.

With his penchant for picking tales about the champions, Ravi Bhagchandka’s 200 NOUTOUT is now thrilled to collaborate with the perfectionist Aamir Khan, after having previously won laurels with the master-blaster Sachin Tendulkar. Says Ravi, “Champions is not an out and out sports film. It has a human-interest story against the backdrop of sports.” While we know that Aamir Khan who was earlier also acting in the film to be directed by RS Prasanna, has taken a brief pause from acting, to produce it along with 200 NOTOUT and Sony Pictures, it was Ravi who had decided to pick up the rights of the Spanish drama. “We saw the film at the Berlin Film Festival and we really liked what we saw. It’s about the individual challenges of the differently-abled and how they are living their lives. There are also a lot of heart warming and humorous moments in the film and that’s essentially what we liked most about the film,” adds Ravi.

Quiz him on who is playing the lead, now that Aamir is a producer on the film and Ravi has an answer ready, “As of now, we are still analysing and re-assessing the way ahead. We look forward to sharing some good news soon!” is all he offers.



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