*Uorfi Javed proposes her love of life, manager Sanjit Asgaonkar congratulates the actress* | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

*Uorfi Javed proposes her love of life, manager Sanjit Asgaonkar congratulates the actress* | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Uorfi Javed is very well known for her bold statements and distinctive fashion sense, and because of this, she always makes the headlines. The diva is very dedicated to her work and ethics, and even after working for so many years in the industry, her name has never appeared with any male actor. But now it seems like the streak of so many years is going to break, as the diva has laid the first stone that someone special has entered her life. 

Yes, you heard that absolutely, Uorfi is very active on social media platforms, and her reel videos on Instagram grab all the attention of viewers on it, her fans always wait eagerly for the diva’s story and posts, and recently Uorfi took to her Instagram story and uploaded a story with an authentic date background where she disclosed a card quoting ‘He Said Yes,’ which is giving a sure short clue about her getting committed. 

Not only this, but her manager Sanjit Asgaonkar also congratulated the diva on his Instagram story, where he uploaded the same picture as Uorfi and captioned, “Congratulations, brooooooo @urf7i,” which gives a strong foundation to this news; however, they both haven’t opened up more about this topic, and none of the other people were tagged in the story, which is creating a deep mystery amongst the audience about Uorfi’s secret guy. 

Meanwhile,  Her appearances on the red carpet for the biggest designers around the globe have garnered a lot of praise, and because of this, she is currently on the A-list of the designer’s priorities. And to date, she hasn’t confirmed being in a relationship; for more updates, stay tuned.


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