Anu Aggarwal: My accident was my spiritual awakening | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Anu Aggarwal: My accident was my spiritual awakening | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Actress Anu Aggarwal met with a deadline car crash a few years back. She says that as she revered from her injuries, the accident also changed her as a person.

“We live in a world today where money has become God. Most people have difficulty imagining that someone could leave the grandeur of fame and earn loads of money as a gorgeous star, cover girl. So, they fancy only a drastic happening like an accident that has made her unfit to be the reason. But I am responsible too as I disappeared without explaining to the media. But then there was no social media in 1995 when I left Bollywood, Mumbai,” she says.

She adds, “Accident, which I call my near fatal experience, was actually my spiritual awakening. Like to make gold there is beating, thrashing, bombarding the metal, something similar happened to me. I emerged from the coma with so much love for every creature on the planet that all I could think of doing was to help them. My foundation has brought joy to over 200k kids, women and I that gives me a deep satisfaction.”

Talking about work, she says, “I have never been your run of the mill kind of person or actor. Movie offers for acting are coming but I also have been giving motivational talks, bringing hope to people’s lives. I haven’t agreed yet to do any appearances either, an offer has to click deep inside me, for me to agree to do it.”

Her struggle has not been an easy one, she says, adding, “Also, I have been with zero protection in showbiz. People compare me with Shahrukh Khan, saying we both came around the same time from Delhi. We both made it solo but that’s not true. He had Gauri from the time we did King uncle, and a family, I never had that. I was totally alone. I could have had a sugar daddy but that came with compromises and I wouldn’t do that. Till date one of the reasons I get misunderstood is because nobody from my family is standing up for me openly.”


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