ALINA MOHANTY | Author and a professional tarot reader | She is the author of ” A CUP OF SOCIETY | PERFECT WOMAN NAGAZINE

ALINA MOHANTY, an author and a professional tarot reader. She is the author of ” A CUP OF SOCIETY” which was placed in the Top 100 Hot New Releases of Amazon twice. It is also in the Top 500 most loved books on Kindle. She has been part of more than 400 anthologies. She is a content writer.She is trying her luck in fashion and photoshoots. The cover girl of the magazine “Luminous” and she is also in the Top 100 International Iconic Women of 2022. She is a professional tarot reader in Astrotalk. She is the face of Team Trikaaya.Classical dancer, singer and painter by soul. She is a blend of spiritualism and modern world and her vision is to spread love and light in every way and form .



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