My family is very supportive and they all liked my bikini look : Rishina Kandhari | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Actress Rishina Kandhari was recently sporting a bikini during a family vacation to Goa and her husband Vishal was instrumental behind that. Speaking more about that Rishina says,”I consider myself as an old soul and I’m way too Indian. I am also very shy in nature. But my husband Vishal keeps boosting my confidence and keeps telling me that I should get liberated from myself . I was a very timid girl and whatever I am today is all because of his support, belief and trust in me . According to him every woman should liberate her mind from the shackles that hold them back and come out victorious and self-reliant in their lives and careers.” So this time when Rishina went for a mini vacation to Goa, she decided to opt for a bikini. She adds,”We had gone to Goa for a short break from our hectic schedules to rejuvenate. We do that very often. It’s very important to be relaxed mentally.

My family is very supportive and they all liked my bikini look. They all said – itni fit hai pehna kar bikini. But I shy away as I’m not that bold.”
Rishina who is in her late 30’s has always been fit and also has a toned body so the bikini suits her personality. She shares, “Being fit runs in the family. Workout is our daily routine. There’s no pressure of looking good but we are a disciplined family, who take our fitness very seriously.“ So are you planning to wear a bikini often now?

“I will be wearing a bikini but only on secluded islands and with family and very very close friends. I am comfortable with my set of people.”
And what about wearing it on screen? She says,”TV shows are all about Desi looks and Saas Bahu dramas. They don’t need you to wear a bikini but if I am doing a Web show or a film and they ask me to wear a bikini I will definitely wear a classy one. I became a mom at an early phase of my career so me and my daughter have literally grown up together like sisters and share a sisterly bond. Infact my husband jokes about it and says I’ve got 2 daughters! The elder one is the younger one and the younger one is the elder one.” Celebrities are often easy targets whenever they post bikini or swimwear pictures on social media. What’s your take on that?

“I didn’t post my bikini pics on social media because of shameless faceless trolls who have nothing to do but to belittle and demean women and write dirty comments on their posts . It affects me sometimes as I’m not that thick skinned yet.” Rishina is currently seen in Na Umra Ki Seema Ho.


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