It is important to appreciate whatever we have been blessed with : Anagha Nimbkar | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

The International Day of Happiness is celebrated throughout the world on the 20th of March. The occasion aims to make people around the world realize the importance of happiness within their lives. We asked celebrity-matrimony Lawyer Anagha Nimbkar about the importance of happiness in her life.

She says, “Happiness to me is humility and gratitude. It is important to appreciate whatever we have been blessed with. A pertinent key to happiness is feeling content. If you are never satisfied or content with what you have, you tend to ignore its importance and you often drift to being disappointed or unhappy. Sometimes, what we manifest may not turn out quite the way we hoped. But we must not give up, we must aspire to grow and learn to enjoy the journey.”

People confuse  being happy with being successful — which is more important for you? What’s your take?
 She says, “You must learn to enjoy the journey. Your life is the objective reality while success is just a social construct. So, you must keep reminding yourself that failure comes with a lesson to be taken with a pinch of salt for your next victory, while a victory is merely the fruit of learning from your failures.”

How do you think happiness is related to health and wellness?
She adds, “This question, especially after the pandemic, has evidently reminded everyone that health is wealth. We lived through some extreme times during which, for a lot of people, taking care of your own physical and mental health and wellbeing, while being in isolation, was the only way to cross through the heavy tides. When you are unhappy or just focusing on the negatives, you notice that it physically impacts you as well. So obviously happiness and health/ wellness go hand in glove with each other. The five things which I cherish, enjoy in my life are Family, My Home, Work, My Office, My Friends & Associates.”

Anagha also shares her greatest strengths in her life. She says,”My greatest strengths are my near and dear ones obviously. I firmly believe that every person that you meet is destined to be a part of your life and to either be a support or a lesson. Nevertheless, your guardian angel sends them into your life for a reason. So, you cherish them, learn from them, support them and take their support from time to time. What drives me more than motivates me to be happy is my work. I am in a happy and content space when I am working. It feels good to know that somewhere, you made a difference.”


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