Rishina Kandhari on her show Na Umra Ki Seema Ho: I am the opposite of Priya in real life! | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Rishina Kandhari on her show Na Umra Ki Seema Ho: I am the opposite of Priya in real life! | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Actress Rishina Kandhari, who plays the role of Priya Raichand in the show Na Umra Ki Seema Ho, says that while she loves to play the character, she doesn’t really relate to her as Priya is very complicated whereas I personally am very sorted and simple .
“My role in Na Umra Ki Seema Ho is of Priya Raichand. She’s the parallel lead of the show. A well-educated outgoing girl, who wants to work and start her business but has been suppressed by her rich and famous Raichand family. A victim of circumstances trying to fight her battle on her own, with the entire family against her,” she says.
She adds, “I don’t relate to Priya as I’m totally the opposite in real life. But many relate to my  character and the way I’m playing it. It looks so real that I’m gaining a lot of praise for my performance and sympathy for my character from the audience.”
Ask her if she thinks that age difference is a barrier in relationships, and she says, “Only in India that too only for an elderly women and younger men. But if the man is double his age no one has a problem here or even abroad.
Television has evolved over the years, however, the audience still wants traditional concepts that did well. “We cater to the audience and they like saas-bahu drama. OTT and the TV audience are totally different. TV has a fixed audience.”
Talking about working with Iqbal khan and Rachana Mistry, she says, “I share a special bond with Iqbal bhai, he calls me his little sister on and off set. He’s very loving and caring, and keeps feeding chocolates to everyone on set all the time.



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