World Digital Premier of Gujarati Suspense Thriller ‘Hun Iqbal’ on ShemarooMe | Perfect Woman News | Perfect Woman Magazine

World Digital Premier of Gujarati Suspense Thriller ‘Hun Iqbal’ on ShemarooMe | Perfect Woman News | Perfect Woman Magazine

ShemarooMe, one of the most renowned OTT platforms in Gujarat, has been entertaining viewers with its diverse content slate which includes web series, Gujarati dramas, and blockbuster Gujarati movies. Now, taking the entertainment quotient a notch higher, ShemarooMe is streaming a clutter breaking successful Gujarati suspense thriller ‘Hun Iqbal.’

Starring RJ Devaki, Mitra Gadhvi, and Sonali Lele Desai in lead roles, the movie is written and directed by Pallav Parikh. The plot of story revolves around the cops trying to investigate a heist. The most interesting part of the movie was the camera work which was inspired from OJ vs Simpsons. The movie is a delight for the fans as it brings you a the best of story shot in the most innovative ways.

Hun Iqbal follows the story of Iqbal, a mysterious thief who carries out a heist in Ahmedabad and challenges the authority to catch him. No one knows who Iqbal is, where he came from, or when he executed the heist. The local police enlist the help of the entire city to locate this cunning thief. Will Iqbal be caught? Who is Iqbal? To find out the answers to these questions, watch ‘Hun Iqbal’ on ShemarooMe.

Filled with drama, suspense, and thrill, ‘Hun Iqbal’ is a must-watch for fans of Gujarati cinema that promises to keep viewers at the edge of their seats with its enthralling storyline and thrilling performances.

A piece of well meaning advice to the guys at Shemaroo. Please make it a point to have subtitles in English for all your films and web series so that more and more non Gujarati viewers can also view and enjoy them

By Jyothi Venkatesh & Perfect Woman Magazine

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