Goosebump Store with the help of ‘A Jar Full Of Hearts’ brings a smile to 5,000+ people | Perfect Woman News | Perfect Woman Magazine

Goosebump Store with the help of ‘A Jar Full Of Hearts’ brings a smile to 5,000+ people | Perfect Woman News | Perfect Woman Magazine

While valentines day is dedicated to being a day to celebrate love, this gave many prominent brands a great opportunity to show their love towards their customers in the most unique way possible. While there were many brands that either gave vouchers or discounts to their customers, one brand that literally send a ‘Jar full of hearts’ was The Goosebumps Store. As the famous saying goes, a way to anyone’s heart is the stomach, and this brand has stricken the right chord to deliver just that. With pickles being our cultural heritage, The Goosebumps store is dedicated to working towards experimenting and creating the best fusion pickle recipes without compromising on the taste or quality of these pickles. They are also known for selling an exclusive range of classic and fusion pickles, indulgent fruit chocolate, lip-smackingly healthy masala fruits, and must-try fusion snacks.

When asked Dr. Ishita Shah, the co-founder of the Goosebumps store, about how this idea of sending a Jar Full of Hearts came to life, she fondly mentioned, “Our Goosebumps pickles took birth in our mother’s kitchen, who prepared hundreds of kilos of pickles each year which people loved dearly. Since the initial phase of our business, our hearts were in it, thus inspiring us to send ‘Hearts’, but the execution was still a huge question mark, until my Husband and Co-Founder, Pinank Shah along with the team came up with this creative idea of sending our customers our bestseller Pineapple pepper pickle with a small twist that the pineapples will be heart-shaped. Once we did roll out the first batch, We got about 5,000+ Hearts (orders) from customers and we delivered 1,00,000+ hearts back to them. The response we received from our customers was priceless, and encouraged us to do something like this even more.”

By Jyothi Venkatesh & Perfect Woman Magazine


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