Arsheen Namdar becomes the youngest to Teen Miss World Culture International title: It feels surreal to achieve such honour | Perfect Woman News | Perfect Woman Magazine

Arsheen Namdar becomes the youngest to Teen Miss World Culture International title: It feels surreal to achieve such honor | Perfect Woman News | Perfect Woman Magazine

Arsheen Namdar recently won the Teen Miss World Culture International 2023 in Vietnam. She is the youngest Indian to earn this honour and is super thrilled about it. She was sent to Vietnam to represent India by iconic productions and Mohammed nagaman lateef and aditya khurana. The actor wants to make the most of this honour and shares about his future plans.

“I was preparing myself for it, learning the right skills and knowledge needed to participate in the pageant for the last 2 years. I saw an ad in India but dropped the idea initially because I had my board exams, I am in class 10 now. But then the pageant happened between my prelims and finals which gave me confidence that I’ll be able to manage both so I took the plunge. By God’s grace, thanks to my hard work and my parent’s blessings , the universe showered its blessing on me and I became the youngest girl in India to hold this title at the age of 15. It feels surreal,” she sounds happy.

She shares her experience at the pageant. “Internationally being an Indian u are always considered an underdog. The same happened with me, my fellow contestants thought of themselves as much more superior to me. My whole and sole focus was on my performance and winning the crown. When I started performing they saw that I am chhota packet bada dhamaka. My closed-door interview, talent , cultural round , beach wear and open door interview all went well. From being the underdog to becoming the winner, I felt mehnat kabhi bekar nahi hoti, Koshish karne walon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti. While crowning there were at least a dozen thoughts going on in my head. Some of them were that I became the first Indian to win this and youngest too so there is a huge responsibility on my shoulders, which hopefully I will be able to do justice to after my boards,” she adds.

Meanwhile, Arsheen has been a part of  a number of hit projects. She played the protagonist in Naamkaran and in the first Baal Veer, she played the antagonist alongside Shweta Tiwari. In the second season of Baal Veer she played the younger version of Timnasa. She also did the Disney series Maan Na Maan Mein Tera Mehmaan. Her short films include My First Period, Stranger Danger, Female Empowerment, Body Image, My First Crush and Toxic Friends.

“Going forward, there are a lot of new exciting projects coming up that I had signed before entering the pageant. I will start shooting them once my boards get over. But now, since I’ve won the crown, I’m expecting an ample number of good projects to come my way and as it starts, I will disclose about them one after another,” she says.

About the kind of roles she is looking out for now, Arsheen adds, “I’ve always been doing protagonists and antagonists, but now aling with these roles I would also prefer doing projects related to social causes that give out a positive message to the society. I’d like to be able to create a good influence on the youth of today.”  
Given her popularity, the actor and beauty queen enjoys a huge fan following and has many interesting fan experiences to share.

“The most interesting and flabbergasting fan experience was when a fan had tattooed my face on his chest permanently. This happened in India. The second would be, while travelling to Vietnam with the crew and fellow contestants we happened to visit a restaurant and the owner, who was an old lady, looked at me for a few seconds, spoke something in Vietnamese and gave me a gift after we finished our food. She hugged me tightly, gifted me a few things again, took pictures with me and happily blessed me a lot. Though I couldn’t understand her language, her gestures and the happiness on her face spoke for itself,” recalls Arsheen.

By Jyothi Venkatesh & Perfect Woman Magazine


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