Experience the Thrill of the Ring: 6 Reasons Why Creed III is a Cinematic Triumph | Perfect Woman Update | Perfect Woman Magazine

Experience the Thrill of the Ring: 6 Reasons Why Creed III is a Cinematic Triumph | Perfect Woman Update | Perfect Woman Magazine

People scream with delight when Rocky Balboa rains his opponents with mighty punches in the ring, and his protégé Adonis Creed has followed his steps in Creed and Creed II. However, Creed III stands out in the series. The movie provides much more than action and drama, as it marks itself as Michael B. Jordan’s career milestone and much more. In this film, we’ll see Adonis Creed grow not only as an athlete but also as a person as he faces challenges both on and off the ring, some of which cause him great heartache. The film is filled with drama and top notch sequences in this threequel. Here are 6 reasons why Creed III is a must watch, especially on IMAX screens at PVR and INOX:

  1. Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut

Everyone is aware of Michael B. Jordan due to his fantastic work in Black Panther, the Creed series, and Just Mercy, to name a few. Jordan has mastered the art of acting and is now embarking on a directorial journey with Creed III. Judging by Creed III’s international reviews so far, Jordan seems to have aced it!

  1. The first sports drama film to be shot on IMAX Camera

We enjoy films that dazzle us with their visuals. Creed III’s creators have brought out the big guns or should we say cameras, for the ultimate cinematic experience by making every scene, especially those involving the punches, crystal clear, highly detailed, and immersive. Michael B. Jordan even stated, “Being able to really feel like you’re in the ring with the fighters was a challenge that I wanted to see if we can pull it off, and the only way to do that was with IMAX.” You got to do this film justice by watching it on an IMAX screen at theaters like PVR and INOX.

  1. Bros become foes

Entertainment is where drama is and this movie has a lot of it. When childhood friends Adonis (Michael B. Jordan) and Damian Anderson (Jonathan Majors) reunite following Damian’s release from prison, things aren’t the same. Wanting to reinvent himself in the public eye, Damian challenges his former pal Adonis, becoming a threat in the process. Damian’s entry also marks the introduction of a new villain in the franchise. Witness the betrayal, bitter rivalry, and a slew of punches between the two that will have you sweating in your seat with anticipation.

  1. Michael and Jonathan’s off camera bromance

Tensions are high in the theaters whenever Adonis and Jonathan battle it out on the big screen. Off camera, however, the rivals are actually buddies! The two became close while working on this film and Jonathan Majors even stated in an interview that they are best friends at this point.

  1. Michael’s love for anime shines through

People will be surprised! Michael B. Jordan is a total weeb and it shows in Creed III. Jordan has creative freedom as the director, which he has used to his advantage by packing a lot of anime-inspired punches. Anime has some of the most stunning fight scenes, and Jordan, like a true anime lover, channeled his inner Goku and delivered a Dragon Ball Z punch in the ring.

  1. Rocky’s legacy continues

Sylvester Stallone is best known for his role as Rocky Balboa in the Rocky film series. Rocky continued to give us joy post retirement from the ring in the Rocky spinoff series Creed (I&II). Unfortunately, we won’t get to see Rocky in Creed III as the actor bids adieu to the franchise and hands off his boxing gloves to his protégé, Adonis Creed. Don’t be sad though, Michael B. Jordan as Adonis is more than capable of keeping you entertained.

Well? What are you waiting for? This is a movie best watched on the big IMAX screen. Hurry up and book your tickets at your nearest PVR or INOX theaters today!

By Jyothi Venkatesh & Perfect Woman Magazine


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